10 BookWidgets Features That Will Improve Your Digital Lessons Plan

On the BookWidgets platform, teachers can design interactive exercises and captivating course materials that can be used on iPads, Android tablets, Chromebooks, Macs, or PCs. It is really simple to use and only takes a few minutes. Without knowing how to code, it is the best teacher’s tip that may develop dynamic widgets and interactive content for their iBook.

BookWidgets was initially created for the iPad to work with iBooks. But as a result of its success, it is now accessible as a web-based service that functions on other gadgets. Naturally, iBooks Author users may still incorporate it into their iBooks, but it is now a tool that can be used to develop interactive digital lessons across several platforms. It can improve students’ digital lesson plans.

10 BookWidgets Features That Will Improve Your Digital Lessons Plan

With BookWidgets, how can you create interactive activities?

Currently, teachers have access to roughly 40 different kinds of activities in BookWidget. This contains a variety of alternatives for formative evaluation lesson design, such as tests, exit tickets, or flashcards, as well as images and video. Along with the games I previously described, you can also build exercises related to a specific subject, like arithmetic. You may make charts and dynamic plots for all lessons. Forms, surveys, and planners can be used for other topic areas. Additionally, instructors can incorporate materials from outside sources, including PDFs, YouTube videos, and Google maps.

This gives up a wide range of opportunities, so there are numerous solutions that will fit with the material in your digital lesson plan format regardless of the grade level or subject area you teach. You can find a tone of tutorials to help you along the way on their website, and the platform is relatively user-friendly.

Give students exciting tasks to do

There are many entertaining, interactive games to select from in BookWidgets’ huge library. The flexibility to include text, music, video, or other internet activities on the opposite side of the already incredibly configurable worksheet makes the split worksheet my favorite. Each activity can be altered using visuals to increase its appeal. There are 30 various types of questions in their exams, so you can be sure to discover the correct one for your subject and grade level. It also enables you to collaborate with other teachers by allowing you to share the activities and tests you develop.

Make worksheets that are graded automatically.

Additionally to assisting you in developing activities that will inspire your students, BookWidgets also grades them. Even while this is remarkable, I find BookWidgets’ data on student achievement to be even more interesting. It is a simple digital lesson for teachers to identify which questions students struggle with the most, which students are having difficulty with, and where. This greatly facilitates the process of planning for remedial and reteaching.

Provide students’ work with critical criticism

BookWidgets is aware of how difficult it may be for teachers to receive feedback. You can add a comment about a specific question or the entire assessment. Students are also free to edit their comments in light of your observations.

Monitoring student development in real-time

This can be used to assist struggling students or to pose a question to the whole class and receive immediate feedback. Students who are graduating early and may require a bigger challenge can be easily identified. Keep track of who appears to be having trouble with particular questions, and make a note to give them more explanation later. It truly provides us with a potent method to guarantee that we are differentiating for each student.

You may quickly customize widgets or exercises for various students using BookWidgets. The option of learning at their own pace is also available to students. Utilizing the “Save Draft” button, you may upload all of your widgets to Google Classroom. You may now begin assigning your widgets to the proper students in Google Classroom from within that platform by digital lessons plan format.

Quiz and Crossword question

You can add crossword puzzles and other questions to your digital assignments using the worksheets that BookWidgets offers.

Course Scores as CSV

Besides individual widgets, you can export an entire course’s scores as a CSV file or multiple courses simultaneously.

Live view per question

You can assess students individually and ask questions individually in the grading dashboard. Only the real-time results for each student were visible in Live Widgets. That has now changed!

You can now see the outcomes of every question in real-time in your digital lesson. Typically, you can see the current average score for each question, and when you click on a question, a screen will appear with a list of the current scores for that question from all of your students.

The Final Word

You can improve your digital lesson plan easily with BookWidget’s new features defined in this article. If you are passionate about teaching and want to take your coaching business to the next level, then Classplus is here to help you. Get your own coaching app in less than 60seconds with amazing features made just for you. Connect now to know more.

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