What Are The Best Online Learning Resources?

Parents, teachers, and administrators are always looking for online learning tools because school districts will begin the 2020–2021 academic year online. As part of distance learning, teachers are responsible for distributing lesson plans and classroom activities for online  learning resources. In addition, parents endeavor to maintain their children’s academic progress and growth. We are prepared to assist teachers in online learning resources for growth.

Various online teaching resources help teachers in education.


An excellent site for straightforward explanations of typical grammar problems is Grammarly. Students may also add plugins that will offer advice as they write their papers or even verify their work for plagiarism before submitting an assignment, but that’s not all.


Educreations is an excellent resource for instructing your students in learning and teaching on paper writing and revision. Students can access and watch dynamic video tutorials teachers generate by recording their voices and iPad screens. It’s excellent for introducing the revision process and modifying sample papers.

Discovery Education

For a variety of areas, Discovery Education provides free classroom materials. It also has its section where educators can contribute their materials.

Discovery offers engaging, interactive lessons and real-world examples and ideas in educational resources for teachers across the curriculum, from social studies to STEM. With partners like MythBusters and the NBA, students will also enjoy their programs as online resources.


The National Science Instructors Association provides teachers with resources, including the NSTA magazine, books, journals, and lessons on climate change and classroom safety. Teachers can also get advice on creating their curriculum and pursuing professional development and instructional resources for teachers.


The primary target users of the free online tools offered by JumpStart are elementary school teachers. Children won’t get bored when reviewing math, social studies, science, and other subjects, thanks to their helpful worksheets, lesson plans, classroom activities, learning games, and audio-visual teaching tools.


Everfi offers free interactive online courses, and they are based on recognized academic criteria. Everfi gives courses on a variety of topics, including health and wellness, financial literacy, social-emotional learning, and more, with a focus on real-world learning material.

A Course in Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance offers free resources that promote social justice and anti-bias for teachers who want to instill a greater sense of social awareness in their classrooms. In addition, there are lessons, learning strategies, and student texts available to help you incorporate the concepts of equity, diversity, and justice into your regular curriculum and foster fruitful classroom discussions.


Who better than a teacher who knows what is required of them? The enormous array of tools and learning materials available on Teacher.org were developed by K–12 educators from all around the country. Teacher.org contains everything you need, including lesson plans categorized by grade level and subject, teacher aides, and valuable articles. The best part is that they also provide information about scholarships for instructors who want to further their studies.

Purdue Owl

Many high school students who worked all night long on their research projects were saved by Purdue Owl. The website not only provides all of the essential details required for appropriate citations, but it also provides quick solutions to frequent grammar queries and the best online teaching resources. Your students can concentrate on finishing their papers rather than waste time searching the internet for answers.

How may they be useful?

Teachers can access learning resources to assist them in performing a particular duty more effectively as part of the process of professional development (either pre-service or in-service). This is significant since it has been noted that a school system’s effectiveness is most strongly correlated with the caliber of its teachers. Teachers are more likely to be able to effectively apply their experiences in the classroom if they have agency over the process, which means they are involved in and contribute to the design of learning resources.

Institution-specific resources include materials on inclusion or behavior policies at schools, guidelines for evaluating students, and information for new teachers. There are, of course, online resources that all teachers can access, including articles about teaching and education, teacher websites like Teaching English and Edutopia, and social media groups about teaching. Some institutions have a library or a section of the staffroom where teachers can use books or journals about teacher development.

People are also valuable learning resources for education as well. Communities of practice like local or national groups can offer beneficial professional networking possibilities. Experienced or specialized teachers (which may include you!) are a source of knowledge for new teachers or instructors desiring to specialize in a new field. If teachers practice reflective teaching-learning material, solicit student feedback, and use assessment for learning to guide instruction, students can also be a valuable source of learning material.

The Wrap up

Teaching online has become a trend nowadays, and there are various platforms available for online classes. Online learning resources are also playing a significant role in teaching and learning. Classplus provides the best online app for teachers, which helps in taking the class online. Teachers can get their own app in 60 sec from classplus and enjoy the flexible teaching experience.

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