5 ways to improve Reading Skills in Students

Reading skill not only involves pronouncing the words beautifully without any mistakes. It involves inference, expression, grammatical correctness, and more. Reading skill is essential for the students to be successful in their education. To excel at a subject, a student must understand and observe deeply while they read. However, some students lack reading skills from the very beginning. There are some strategies to help your students to improve their reading skills. We will look at them clearly in this blog. 

Teaching Vocabulary and Comprehension

Vocabulary plays an important role in every language. If your students struggle with reading, teaching them vocabulary would help them read better. Poor vocabulary leads to improper interpretation, which ultimately makes them have poor reading skills- one of the important skills for students. Teaching them new words every day and their meanings and making them write those words will greatly help improve reading skills. While teaching vocabulary, making them aware of each new word’s different meanings will help them improve their understanding of words better. 

In addition to teaching new words, it is essential to teach them comprehension such as story, paragraph reading, etc. By doing so, they would become aware of the usage of words in a sentence. Reading a passage and arriving at a conclusion will make them focus more on understanding. A student who knows different words and understands how to use them in a sentence would automatically have improved reading skills. 


While teaching students in a classroom, always encourage them to take notes or write key points instead of listening to you. Note-taking skill helps them increase their focus, making a student remain concentrated for a longer time. This helps them to understand your lecture better, and they would easily be able to frame the sentences on their own. While reading their notes, their understanding of the particular topic improves, which leads to better reading. 

You can also encourage the students to share their notes and read each other’s notes together to check their understanding level. Students would be more interested if you made the students work together. Always encourage them to read together, which helps them to read aloud and improve their reading skills along with their peers. 

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Use various techniques and technologies for better Reading Skills

To keep your students engaged, don’t always rely on a single source of reading, such as textbooks. Numerous sources can help with reading, including newspapers, magazines, videos, movies, etc. Students would get a new experience of reading as the usage of words differs widely in each source. This helps in improving both the vocabulary and reading skills of the students. 

There are so many word games available online that you can try for your students to have fun while improving their skills. Visualizing a story using a projector and making them narrate aloud and their friends will also make them fluent with word usage. Along with these, provide reading tips for students regularly to improve themselves.

Setting reading goals to improve Reading Skills

Making reading a habit for your students will help them read consistently, eventually making them read better. Set a specific reading goal for your classroom along with every student. Make them choose their own goals according to their interests. Let them pick a passage from their favorite books or stories or whatever. Then, encourage them to read aloud and correct them whenever necessary. 

By doing this reading practice regularly, they would find themselves more comfortable with reading than before. As they progress, encourage them to read more and let them try reading different sources. Creating a reading goal and their friends would motivate the students to read consistently, and they would find it interesting to read more. 

Before wrapping up every session, always ask questions to your students, and they would be expected to answer the next day. This makes the students search for the answer in every source, such as textbooks, encyclopedias, the internet, etc. While searching, they would go through several lines and try to understand whether any of the passages have the answer for their search.

This automatically improves your students’ reading skills as they voluntarily search for the answer. You can also ask them to explain the answer they got. This would help them retain the words and lines they went through while searching, making them improve their language and interpretation skills.

The Final Word

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Along with helping your students attain knowledge, as a teacher, you have to help them develop their reading skills from a very young age. Everyone can read better if trained well from childhood using the strategies mentioned above. People who have better reading skills are known to be successful. In academics, since reading is the essential skill required for education.

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