Top 5 GradeBooks To Make Teachers’ Lives Easier

Teachers have a lot on their plates, and often their grade books are just one more thing they must remember to complete at the end of each grading period. This usually goes because teachers will enter grades from their grading periods into the appropriate grade book, then sync that data up with a district or school-wide system. Gradebooks can make your job as a teacher much easier while helping students become more successful in the classroom. Here are Five Of The Best School Grade Books Available Today.

Do you work with a school administration that makes things harder for you? Then it might be time to invest in a grade book that makes your life easier. A grade book allows teachers to create and share reports on students’ learning progress, attendance, grades, and more. is a free grade book that works great for teaching. However, like most free grade books, this one has a few limitations such as no teacher accounts and no teacher reports. While these are minor issues, they can be easily worked around with the right tools.

For example, you could use one of the grade books listed above to create and edit your reports from if you wanted an additional grade book tool with more features than itself offers.

2 . Teachers Gradebook

Teachers Gradebook is the next free grade book on the list. While it’s a great grade book to use, it’s also only free for educators with a campus-wide account. Teachers Gradebook is still a great grade book with many of the same features as and Teacher Grade Book but lacks some functionality.

It’s nice to use a grade book that doesn’t have any fees, but if you’re willing to pay for something better than this one, you should give Teachers GradeBook (free trial) some serious consideration.

3 . TheScoreboard

TheScoreboard is an online grade book that provides basic information about students and teachers at schools across America. While it’s not unfeasible to set up your grade book and start creating reports on your students with TheScoreboard, it’s also not particularly easy to do.

You would have to put a lot of time and effort into setting up your grade book. If you don’t have the time to set your grade book, then you might want to try TheScoreboard. It might be worth the minimal cost just for the convenience of knowing exactly what you’re getting with this free grade book.

4 . ApolloGrade

ApolloGrade is one of the most advanced grade book tools on the market. It has all of the features you’ve come to expect from grade books – such as class and student reports – but it also has some additional noteworthy features such as a grade book editor. Each school can manage its online GradeBook and then share that data with other schools in your district. Within this school’s grade book.

They can keep track of attendance, grades, and progress reports for all of their students. If you like the idea of a school grade book but don’t want to get stuck with an admin job that’s too time-consuming, then ApolloGrade might be just what you need.

5 . Teacher GradeBook

Teacher Grade Book is a free grade book tool from Teacher Web. While it’s a great grade book, it’s only free for teachers that have a school-wide account. For everyone else, this grade book will cost you $200 per year. While it’s not the most expensive grade book on the market and the annual fee is affordable, it might still be more money than you’re willing to spend on your class.

If you can afford this grade book but don’t feel like paying for one that’s virtually identical to (but way better). You’ll want to check out – especially if you’re a private school or learning institution looking for an all-inclusive grade book system.

Final Thoughts

Using one of these Top 5 GradeBooks, your teachers can do all of this in under 10 minutes instead of hours! These are also some of the easiest systems on the market for teachers or administrators to enter grades for every student or every class.

GradeBooks allow teachers and students to communicate their achievements in the classroom, giving students an idea of their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, grade books help teachers track student progress and offer insights into the lessons that need improvement. The best grade books can also help schools share information about their students across campus. Teachers can use relevant data when creating lesson plans or communicating with fellow educators.

Online school grade books are great tools for teachers. In addition, they can provide your students with an idea of their progress and achievements. By using an online grade book such as those listed above, teachers can provide students with better reports on what they’ve learned throughout the year, which will help students to become more confident learners in the classroom.

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