Top 10 Famous Teacher Appreciation Memes

Teacher appreciation memes are a great way to show appreciation for your favorite teachers. They can be used to express your gratitude, share a laugh, or simply show your support. There are many types of teacher appreciation memes, so you can find the perfect one to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a funny meme to share with your friends or a more serious one to show appreciation, you can find the perfect teacher meme.

Teachers often spend their days tirelessly teaching for hours and coming home to put in more work hours. It’s no wonder teachers have earned some frankly hilarious memes. We’ve chronicled this meme evolution and compiled the 10 best ones. We hope these bring a smile to a teacher’s face, show them their efforts are appreciated and inspire them to keep it up!

These 10 memes depict the timeless truth that we all love teachers, but sometimes they need a little extra attention.

The “Woooooo!” Meme

Only teachers could think up a way of saying they’re happy to see their students AND showing them what a great feeling it is when they do well! This funny teacher appreciation meme also portrays how much students can learn from their teacher’s comments. Plus, you know what else? After trying this method for yourself, you will better look at teachers with all the respect that’s merited!

The Dad-Meme

Sometimes I imagine a dad just relaxing at home, enjoying his morning meal and reading the newspaper while his wife is off to work. If you suffer from this mental image, this meme will greatly help! It’s funny to think of a teacher as just like any guy! He’s got a newspaper at home and enjoys his breakfast in bed.

The “I’m So Busy I Don’t Know What Time It Is” Meme

This is how teachers feel! They’ve got a mountain of work for the day and all they want to do is stay in bed because it’s still early enough. Of course, not all teachers are tired, but this meme perfectly portrays the ideal of being tired yet trying to stay awake!

Maybe being so tired that you don’t know what time it is isn’t bad! Maybe then you can get up at 5:30 and have time to watch your favorite cartoon show before teaching classes in the morning!

The “I Love My Job” Meme

This is just a funny meme. It’s a simple appreciation of teachers and the people who love their work. I love that my job doesn’t have to describe an account of your day, instead it can just be an expression of how you feel about what you do!

The Cat Meme

Who didn’t see this one coming? Cats are the best and always improve everything, especially teacher appreciation! Cats are so cute that it’s impossible not to love them and gush over them. This meme shows the world that teaching might not be about books, but about enjoying cats!

The “I Know You Don’t Like Me But I’m The Best” Meme

This is a fun meme because it puts you in the mind of a teacher who just doesn’t know what to do with all the love they get from their students. Maybe they like being hated because they can feel good and know they can do something good! Maybe then, teachers don’t feel like failures, and failures don’t feel like failures anymore so long as they can just come and read to kids in a classroom 24 hours a day!

The “I Think Teachers Should Be Whipped” Meme

This simple meme shows the truth that we all know, but will never admit. Teachers are the best and we should do whatever it takes to ensure they’re treated like royalty!

The “My Teacher Sucks” Meme

This is a fun meme because it just puts you in the mind of a student who can’t believe their teacher would say things like this. The idea that your teacher would be so sadistic to say things like this makes you laugh.

The “I Am The Best Teacher” Meme

This is a humble way to show how thankful you are for your teacher. Perhaps you’ve got a teacher who doesn’t give compliments but instead asks for more work. Maybe you’ve got a lazy teacher who doesn’t do your homework. Maybe this meme will help put you in the mind of all those teenagers who feel like their teachers are lazy and don’t do any of the work for them! Teachers are human too!

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The “I Like You So Much I’m Going To Make This Meme” Meme

This meme expresses something every teacher has felt: how much they love their job and how much that makes them want to help people. Feeling like you love what you do is great because it shows that there’s no better feeling than knowing that your job is useful to others.

Final Thoughts

Having a good sense of humor is an important aspect of teaching and being appreciated. I remember my favorite teachers more for their odd sense of humor than their ability to teach me. These memes serve only to praise teachers because frankly, they deserve it! They spend inordinate amounts of time preparing and teaching lessons and grading papers. Teachers deserve appreciation every day!

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