Tips to Take Online Drums Classes in 2022

In the past, if someone wanted to learn how to play the drums, one simply located a local instructor, scheduled a class, and then set out to learn his passion. But online drums classes in 2022 are the new norm. Nowadays, thanks to technological advances like cameras, audio equipment, and quick internet connections, you can learn from just about anyone, anywhere. However, while teaching online is the norm, not everyone is comfortable taking online drums classes in 2022. Therefore, we list some tips to help you take online drums classes

Focus on key points

Teaching should be instructors’ first focus for online drum lessons for beginners. While we rush to set up drums lessons, it’s easy to overlook the most important things. For example, some students and educators emphasize the technical side to produce an audiovisual experience of studio quality. However, that amount of technical expertise is unnecessary and could make learning more difficult and less fun. In addition, if you work as a teacher, the long hours you’ll invest could wear you down.

Furthermore, you need to refocus your priorities from your students’ viewpoint. Regardless of the caliber of the teacher, the learner’s top priority is that she acquires the essential knowledge she is looking for. Therefore, focusing your efforts as a teacher on creating outstanding educational lesson experiences will benefit you and your students most.

Essential tips for taking online drum classes

When taking online drums classes, there are a few essentials like audio and video, which you cannot miss. So let us first go through these essentials.

The streaming software

Right now, Skype and Zoom are the two main platforms for online drums classes in 2022. Each one has a free version and has provisions for group conferencing. However, the premium or paid options provide additional benefits. Additionally, Zoom includes a virtual whiteboard that could be quite helpful for swiftly notating music for kids.

Finally, a fantastic video experience will be provided by both Skype and Zoom. To find out which program offers the features and experience best suits your online drums classes, you can try out both. The best option however is to be a little more professional and invest in your streaming software.

Camera and speaker placement

If you have a right-sided drum set up, place your camera slightly to the left so it looks at your left side while playing drums and vice-versa. The perspective of your drum set and what you’re doing from the student’s view will be improved. Furthermore, place the speakers facing you, not the webcam or microphone.

If speakers are facing the webcam, there can be a problem of echo, wherein the speaker hears his voice with a slight delay. This can be both annoying and distracting. Instead, invest in good-quality speakers that can catch the subtle nuances of your drums lessons

Additional tips 

Besides the essential set up an online drum instructor should keep the following tips in mind for the smooth functioning of his online drums classes. 

  • During the first online drum lessons for beginners, schedule extra time to assist the student with setting up their drums, audio, and camera.
  • Make it a rule to start the meeting at the right time. If you are in a group session and are late, your students might start the online music classes meeting which will give the meeting control into their hands. Also, be punctual with ending your sessions. It is unfair if your next group of students has to wait for your session.
  • Turn to face the camera while listening to and interacting with the student. Face your drums only when you are performing your drums lessons.
  • When speaking, looking at the camera directly, as opposed to your screen gives the other person a more intimate, eye contact experience.
  • The music notation and other resources you will need for the drums lessons should be readily available to you and your students.
  • Send the student a follow-up email that includes a summary of the practice tasks and a list of resources they should have at hand for their upcoming class. This email can be created as you go through the drums classes and sent once it is complete.
  • Avoid using your floor tom as a coffee table. This is a potential scenario for accidents.

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