Tips to Create Quiz for Online Courses

Online courses offer a way to get all the benefits of traditional learning without sacrificing accessibility. From teachers being able to reach out and touch you with different methods to more interactive activities and videos, online classes provide everything that a traditional class would while saving you time by not having to worry about transportation. The reason that online courses are so popular is that it brings about the online learning industry. This industry wants to teach everyone, so it must be accessible to everyone. Aside from being convenient, the main advantage of online classes is their accessibility. 

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7 Tips to Create Quiz for Online Courses

1. Do Not Overload Your Online Courses With Questions

Do not overdo it! Arranging and creating questions for online classes is completely different from traditional classes. In a traditional classroom, you can easily walk up to the student, and ask them why they got the answer wrong and what could have gone better. In an online classroom situation, you cannot do that. 

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You must rely on indicators such as redo’s and resubmit to find out what’s wrong with your test. You should never overload your students with question after question; it defeats the purpose of having an online course.

2. Build Upon Their Weaknesses

If you want to know what will happen in your online classes, you must know their weaknesses. It also helps if you’re given a list of weaknesses ahead of time and it lets you know what areas they have the most difficulty in. If they’re having difficulty with any particular course, they should not be asked questions that contain these areas until they work on them. 

This helps ensure that the class is easy and interesting for students. If a student needs help in understanding the answer to a particular question, why should he or she need to commit and take the time out for it?

3. Present Information Differently in your Online Courses

The best way to ensure your online course stays interesting is to present the information differently. One of the easiest ways to do this is by looking at the different available video platforms. 

Videos are not just for traditional classes; they can also be used for online classes. With video, students get a better picture of what’s going on and it helps them visualize what needs to be done to succeed in your class. One thing you cannot do, however, is use a boring video! Why would you want one on video if you have a boring teacher in real life?

4. Set A Deadline That Works For Students

There are many different deadlines that you can set for your students, but you need to choose one that works best for them. For example, if you give them a deadline at the end of the week, most students will not be able to submit because it’s at the end of the week and they all have other work to do. So instead, a better date would be a month after the class begins.

This way, if they get busy with another project or something that comes up in the life that causes them not to be able to submit on time, they can wait until next month instead of being punished for it. A good tip is to ensure that this date is clearly stated on your syllabus and test.

5. Find A Topic That Your Students Want To Learn

Try to find a topic that your students want to learn in the class and ensure that you cover it. The main reason why online courses are so popular is that they let students learn at their own pace. 

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If you do not provide them with the necessary information, they will not stay as interested in your class as they would otherwise. This can cause them to not be able to submit on time and also cause them not to care about what you’re teaching them or what’s going on in the class.

6. Make Sure That Your Test Is Accessible For Every Student

If you want to ensure that your online students make the best out of their class, make sure that you can access them. This includes making sure that everyone has a phone or computer with them to be able to access the test. 

If they cannot get on the internet for whatever reason, they can’t take your test, which defeats its purpose. So if you really want a successful online class, you must ensure that all your students have access.


There are many tips for creating quizzes for Online Courses. However, the most important ones are 1 and 2. If you want to create a great Quiz, 1 is the most important one, so this is a good place to start. You can’t just organize questions for your online class. You also have to ensure that your students can complete them at their own pace and that they do not get overwhelmed with all the questions.

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