Tips For Teachers To Help Students Preparing For IBPS Clerk Exam 2022

The IBPS Clerk exam is a difficult process that is best handled with the help of a teacher. How can students improve their ability to pass the exam if they don’t know what questions may come up? That’s not what anyone wants and teachers need to take on this responsibility. The more you teach your students about banking, the more prepared they will be for this exam! IBPS Clerk preparation tips 2022 are formulated by the experts to help the teachers devise an impeccable plan to schedule their students’ preparations efficiently. 

IBPS Clerk Exam Preparation 2022

The candidates need to maintain accuracy along with pace to crack the exam. The IBPS Clerk preparation tips will aid them in devising a proper vision to attempt the exam and complete it within the defined time frame.

The exam will be conducted in two phases:

  • Preliminary Exam
  • Main Exam

You must first pass through the preliminary stage to get the job successfully. The prelims exam is for shortlisting candidates to appear for the main examination. After passing the prelims exam, you will be eligible to appear for the main examination. Let us now see what steps you should follow to prepare for the exams.

IBPS Clerk Preparation Tips for Prelims

Preparing well for the Prelims exam is important because it will help you get through the Main exam. Therefore, you should plan your study accordingly. The Prelims exam lasts for an hour. You must prepare your students well for all three test parts. 

Preparation for the English Language

This section tests the basic proficiency in the English language – vocabulary and basic knowledge of English grammar. 

Keep the following points in mind when preparing your students for the English language section of the IBPS Clerk Prelims exam

  • Ask them to read newspapers and magazines regularly and write down new words. It will also help them to improve their reading speed. 
  • Brush up on the basic grammatical rules. 
  • Give them practice questions to solve regularly.

IBPS Clerk Preparation for Numerical Ability

This section is the hardest because it requires students to apply numerous formulas. But if teachers prepare them, this is the most rewarding section. 

  • Make them remember the formulas for each topic by heart. 
  • Practicing regularly will help them master the application of the formula to solve problems. 
  • Teach shortcuts and tricks to solve problems. 
  • Revising the formulas regularly will help them understand the concepts better. 
  • Solve questions from topics that they found difficult.

Preparation for Reasoning Ability

It is an easy section if students have understood and practiced all the topics well.

  • Teach them about the theory behind every topic. 
  • Ask them to solve 20 questions from all three topics every day.

If students prepare for the Preliminary Exam, in the same manner, they will be successful. You should focus on time management when preparing them for the exam. Make them practice all the questions thoroughly. Take mock exams and assess their performance. These steps will help you formulate an effective study plan for students.

IBPS Clerk Preparation Tips for Mains

There are five sections in the Main exam: Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability, and English Language. There are also two additional sections: General Awareness and Computer Aptitude

General Preparation Tips

  • Aspiring candidates should keep themselves updated about the latest notification regarding the IBPS Clerk Exam. They must check if they meet all the eligibility requirements and understand the exam pattern and syllabus. 
  • Candidates must buy the required books for the exam and practice them thoroughly. 
  • They must also practice the previous year’s question papers to become familiar with the exam pattern. 
  • They must also try out multiple mock tests to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Preparation Tips for Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is the most challenging section of the IBPS Clerk Exam. Students must be very careful while preparing for this section. There are many tricks and techniques to crack this section. 

  • You should start by making them practice basic concepts like number series, probability, ratio and proportion, time and work, measurement, profit and loss, percentage, quadratic equation, pie chart, bar graph, line graph, mixed graph, etc. These topics will give them an idea about the type of questions in this section. 
  • Once students get familiar with these topics, you should make them practice them daily. 
  • Analyze their mistakes and try to understand why they made them. 
  • Helping them solve questions you felt they were weak in will help students boost their problem-solving skills and increase their confidence level.

IBPS Clerk Preparation Tips for Reasoning

The reasonings section is the trickiest one. It tests logic and reasoning skills. Students must think out of the box and devise innovative solutions to problems. The questions will test their ability to analyze situations and draw conclusions. So you need to prepare them well and practice hard. Here are some tips:

  • Help them understand the question first before starting to solve it. 
  • Make them practice online test series and mock tests to help them understand the concepts better.
  • Puzzles and Seating Arrangements, Coding-Decoding, Input-Output, Order and Ranking, Direction, Blood Relations, Alphabet series, Number Series, Syllogism, etc. the most commonly asked questions in Reasoning Tests. 
  • Teach them to solve questions using different strategies and techniques.

Preparation Tips for English

To attempt this section, students must be good at reading and writing skills and have a strong grasp of grammar. 

To prepare: 

  • Practice reading and writing regularly, and also teach the basics of grammar. 
  • Remember to keep track of their progress.
  • Focus on improving vocabulary. 
  • You should also focus on improving students’ grammar skills. 

Final Thoughts

The candidates should prepare themselves according to the IBPS Clerk syllabus. The right preparation will surely help you in achieving your goal. The tips above will help you crack the IBPS Clerk Exam. Feel confident and motivated while solving questions. Concentrate on your goals and achieve them successfully. Good luck!

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