Tips For Successful Parent-Teacher Meetings

In the meanwhile, the school has resumed normal operations as previously. However, things will not be the same as they were before the lockdown as the school sector has embraced digital learning. Even before digitization, few parents attended the parent-teacher meetings for a variety of reasons because remote learning appears to be much more difficult. Here are useful virtual conferencing platforms. To prepare for this unavoidable event, we can have virtual parent-teacher conferences.

Tips for parent-teacher Meetings

What are Parent-Teacher Meetings?

Parents-teacher meetings are brief meetings or conferences held between students’ parents and teachers to discuss their children’s academic and behavioral progress and to find solutions to academic or behavioral difficulties. It aids in concentrating on students’ unique strengths and weaknesses in various areas as well as generalizing their ability level.

The sessions are usually led by instructors who take a more active role in sharing information with parents.

Mode to Conduct

Meetings can be face-to-face, in which parents and teachers meet in person, or digital, in which parents and teachers meet over the phone or using online modes such as video conferencing services such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet

Face-to-face interactions provide personal touch but need that parents and instructors gather in the same physical location throughout the meeting. 

We will save a lot of time for both parents and teachers because we will use a digital mode of communication for our meetings. As both can host and attend from home. This will also encourage parents to attend meetings, which were previously missed because they were held in person.


Parent-teacher conferences are typically held once or twice every school year. It also does not last very long. The meeting will last no more than 15 minutes and no more than 30 minutes. 

Teachers can now heal one-on-one parent-teacher meetings in an online mode, so giving 15 minutes per parent is a wise move. Also, because it is online, no other parents will be waiting because they will be assigned a different time slot. 

This also allows teachers to learn more about a single student because it is a one-on-one meeting.


Inform parents of the significance of the meeting for them and their kids. It enables both parents and teachers to track students’ progress. It also helps in the analysis of abilities and interests. Students feel better when they are cared for by the teacher while they are learning. Online meetings can assist instructors in strengthening this link by allowing teachers and parents to meet from the comfort of their own homes.

Clear discussion

Teachers can more directly communicate student progress, assess strengths, address needs, and offer advice and solutions to continue student advancement by having one-on-one conversations with students and their parents. Parents can also communicate their thoughts and feelings about their child’s education, which can provide teachers with information they would not otherwise have.


Parent-teacher conferences benefit students in a variety of ways. While each study has its point of view, the majority, if not all, suggest that strong parent-teacher relationships can benefit students in areas such as academic progress, social and emotional development, responsibility and accountability, and much, much more.

They can also describe a student’s passions and interests, and dreams, as well as informal small talk about a student’s recent interests or favorite pastimes. Learning these individual bits of info can help teachers differentiate their instruction and tailor it to students’ needs and interests, as well as enhance student-teacher relationships.


While attending a meeting, parents have a lot of questions. 

A question like, “Why is the meeting being held?”

Is my child performing well in school?

How will I approach the teacher?

Many parents are uneducated, so they lack a good command of English or are unsure how to communicate with a teacher. As a result, it is the teacher’s responsibility to make parents feel more comfortable about the meeting.

Advance Notice

Teachers must notify parents about the meeting in advance. Can provide notice via email, phone call, text message, or Whatsapp. The notice should include the type of meeting that will be held, the proper time slot for each parent, the reason for the meeting, and an overview of the meeting.

Before the notice, the teacher must schedule a meeting; this will allow the teacher to share the meeting link with the notice. If a parent is unable to attend the scheduled time, the teacher may reschedule it.

To Sum Up

Nowadays, everyone prefers to work from home as teachers and parents because it saves time and ensures that the work is completed.

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