Tips for Starting Your Own Teaching Blog: Guide for Teacher

Research says blogging enhances a teacher’s education and way of teaching. It improves the process in which a teacher works with their students. Blogging is based on more reading; therefore, it enhances knowledge and has a lot of mental health benefits. Teachers can create a teaching blog that will be helpful for themselves and the readers. Here are a few tips to start your teaching blog. 

Find your domain name and platform

Choosing a domain name for a teacher’s blog is the primary thing before creating content. It would help if you made a catchy and exciting name so that students get interested in your blog. The title should also be topic-oriented. You will get many platforms like Wix, WordPress or Tumblr to create your blog. You can create a paid domain or free domain, which comes with limitations. 

Build from the basic

Starting a teaching blog on a solid platform with a chalk-out plan which will include basic to advanced levels is essential. In the beginning, not every teacher is one hundred percent sure what the blog will look like after a few months. It is widespread to get into fear of failure. One should think about the blog as a baby tree, which needs constant nurture and effect to grow and give fruits afterward. Building a solid foundation is essential to make the following action plan for the blog. 

Create substantial teaching blog content

Whether a general educational blog or a classroom blog, keep the focus of your blog in mind and brainstorm ideas. Concentrating on a common teaching problem or a particular teaching niche will be a good starting point. An introductory welcome post with information about you and your blog, your experience and the reason that has motivated you to create your blog for the readers will give a clear view to the readers. You can also use video content and pictures to boost the look and feel of the blog. 

Focus on the niche 

Once you can choose the purpose of your blog, you will need to decide on the niche. You can select the part of multiple areas of education you have vast experience and knowledge. Focusing on a particular place will give many opportunities to explore that area and help people through your blog know the unknown of that part. 

Write for a more expansive educational area

Writing is a key skill that needs to be mastered even if you are a born writer. An educator has many ways to make students understand the blog’s purpose through teaching. But you can not reach a vast audience if you do not have helpful content. You will need specific and correct information delivered with simple words and an attractive style. Long and complex content can lead to losing the reader’s interest. Always try to get to the point and value the reader’s time. 

Learn about simple SEO use 

Concentrating on a few things while making a teacher’s blog would be most reasonable. The blog’s reach should be more as it is mainly for education. To make your blog more reachable, keep in mind to have all these in each of the content that you post online:

  • Maintain important keywords 
  • Optimize the content with keyword-based titles and sub-heading
  • Link to other necessary websites where people visit and backlink to your other blog posts
  • Optimize your content for mobile reading and voice search. 

Continually assess your niche with the competitor websites to know where you need to improve. You can also create interviews or guest posts of well-known people in your blog to get more attention from the readers and make your blog successful. 

Monetize your teaching blog

If you are not creating a blog for general information purposes but want to earn something from it, you will need to make it available for monetizing. Advertising is a great way to monetize your blog but before putting on any advertisement, think about those which will not jeopardize your reputation. Also, before accepting any advertisement, ensure it shares the same value as yours. 

You can use Google AdSense, which takes care of the majority of advertisements for your website. Through the adverts, it selects the advertisements relevant to your website. Use specific blogging tools to guide to run and monetize the blog.


Starting educational blogs is not relatively simple for teachers. But it is a beautiful way to document and showcase their expertise in the area of their academic profession. There are many teaching blog examples that can lead to a way to think about the basics of your blog. 

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