Tips For Shooting Videos For Your Online Professional Courses

Professional courses are not easy to create as it requires a lot of details to be noticed. Before you start shooting your videos, you must have a concise plan ready on your whiteboard. Move according to your plan. Here are your pointers for planning your videos for professional courses

  • Get your script ready.

Your script is the soul of your content. Since we are very well acquainted with the topic, we tend to overlook the script, thinking that we can manage it speaking live. However, when you have got your script ready, you can decide on the way you want to present a topic. You can make better use of props and your digital board for shooting your video lectures. Since video is a visual medium, think in terms of images while crafting your script for your course’s videos

  • Plan your shoot

Plan your video from start to finish on your storyboard. Add details like time and duration of the shoot, the room in which you will be filming the video, lighting and background, visual effects you will be using, etc. This will help you get a mental picture of what your video should look like when it comes out of the final edit. Thus, your plan will act as your guide while editing your LPC course video. 

  • Gather the right gadgets

Whatever props or pieces of equipment you plan to use, get them all gathered with you and give them a check. You will be surprised to know that you do not need professional cameras to shoot great videos for your CMA course. You can shoot amazing videos from your mobile cameras, too, as long as you take care of some points like filming in landscape mode and using the back camera for shooting videos. Get a good tripod for holding your phone steady. Further, if your phone has the feature, use the overlay grid to guide you on your phone camera level. 

  • Film in front of a green screen

Having a green screen as your background enhances the look of your video multifold. Your videos look professional, which enhances your brand value and keeps you one step ahead of your competition. Finally, when you have to edit or add new content to your professional courses like LPC, you will have an identical backdrop. It is easier to add effects to the green screen than to any other backdrop.

  • Reading out directly from your script is a strict no.

Keep your script ready. However, to avoid looking like a newsreader, do not read from the script directly while filming your video for your online CMA course tutorial. You should be able to deliver the same content in your own words to look natural. This will help your students to connect with you. Go through and practice your script multiple times to get the flow naturally. When you are natural, your expressions will add to the effect, thus enhancing the quality of your videos. 

  • Focus on audio clarity

What is a video without sound? One may look at still pictures instead. The importance of clear sound is more in online professional courses. Your audience has to hear you comprehend your presentation. Therefore, invest in a good mic so that your audio is captured perfectly. Adjust your tone and pitch to suit your course content. Speak a little louder than your normal voice so that each word of your LPC or CMA course lecture is captured by the mic.

Congratulations on filming fine and polished course videos for your online course! However, your videography journey doesn’t end here. You have to post your online course videos on suitable platforms so that they reach your students. 

Alternatively, you can post your course content on your e-learning platform. Get your teaching platform on which you can curate as well as publish your video lectures. Not only can you record professional-looking videos for your online courses, but you can also post them on your social media handles to get more fan-following and enrollments in your professional courses. The Classplus team will help you build your online platform so that the process of recording and publishing videos and selling your courses for your professional courses is smooth. 

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