5 Steps To Upgrade To improve Your Video Call Setup

In current times, everything is online; whether it’s running coaching classes or a business meeting, all can simply be conducted through video conferencing. Video conferencing saves a lot of time, reduces travel and accommodation expenses, boosts productivity, and most importantly, promotes collaboration which leads to more marketing of your brand. Today, one can effortlessly conduct meetings or classes with devices such as laptops/smartphones with embedded webcams. If you want to shoot the video for your youtube channel or course or want to have a clear quality conference with partners, then you need a good quality video call setup. This empowers one global team to be more connected, beneficial, and engaged. 

If you don’t have a good setup or don’t know how to upgrade your video call setup? Then this will create a hindrance to connecting with others. Here are some steps to upgrade your video call set up to look more professional.

  • Camera Quality

If your video quality is not clear or dull, do you think it will make a good impression? Not! So the quality of your picture or video largely depends on the camera you are using. If you are spending your day mostly in video conferencing or video creation, you must have a good webcam. Mostly the quality of the camera in modern phones is much better than a laptop, so for that, you can easily link them up to your computer using a free app, like Iruin. You can also go for external webcams, which have a wider field of view, and you will also be able to adjust the camera angle. It is useful if you have a meeting with more than one person. 

  • Clear Audio Set-Up

If you are attending a video conference and not able to hear clearly what others are saying, do you think it will leave a good impression? What if your sound system is so bad that while delivering a lecture or presentation, nobody can hear you? So, it is necessary to have a good microphone while attending a video conference as it cuts down unnecessary background noise to ensure a crisp and clear sound. When people can hear your voice clearly, then they understand more deeply the topic and tone of the narrative. Some important points to remember:

1)Do check the sound quality before the video conference.

2) Use headphones or earphones 

3)Use good microphones that have filters in front of them made of thin layers of fabric to prevent unnecessary background noises.

4)Mute yourself when you are not talking.

5)Sit at the right distance to sound more clearly. 

  • Good Lighting Source

Do you think if you attend a video conference or shoot a video in dull light, you will be able to make a noticeable impression on yourself? No matter how good a quality camera one uses, if the lighting setup is not good, one can’t make a noticeable impression. Natural daylight is the best way to replace poor lightning. Other than that, one can buy ring lights or LEDs lights and place them at the correct distance behind your camera. And try to move your video setup around to where the light is focused. You can modify the color temperature of the lights to match the natural daylight coming through the window. Avoid sitting with a window behind you as it will leave your face in complete shadow. 

  • Background 

In video conferences or watching any course, if the background is untidy or fancy, it not only distracts you but also leaves a bad impression. It’s necessary to keep the background as simple as possible. A white or neutral color background works well rather than some fancy background. Having a bookshelf, plants, or a piece of art in your background can leave a good impression on viewers. 

  • Internet Connection

You can’t start a video call or conference without a stable internet connection. Even if your camera, light, audio, and background are all perfect, a bad internet connection will make your quality suffer. A stronger internet connection is vital for conducting video conferences. Some ways to boost your internet connection are:

  1. Reduce the number of devices connected to the internet
  2. Close all other applications
  3. Use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi

Here are five main steps to upgrade your video call setup. Following these steps help one to look more professional and leave a positive impression on viewers.

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