Steps For Growing Your Coaching Classes Business Under 15K Investment

You have started a coaching classes. And you want to grow the business. When running a coaching institute, you might realize that teaching is not the only work you have to do. You also have to focus on promoting your class to attract more students. To keep the coaching class business financially successful, an effective marketing strategy is a must.

But some ways of advertising can cost you a lot. If you are a small coaching center or just starting out, you might not have the budget for traditional advertising. So how do you grow your business with a low budget? Following are the steps for promoting your class under 15K investment:

  • Word of mouth

When choosing a coaching institute for their kids, Indian parents rely on the word-of-mouth publicity of a coaching class. This is a traditional and highly reliable way of marketing your class. So how do you improve your word-of-mouth publicity? The best way to do this is to keep the quality of teaching at higher standards. You obviously need to be an expert at the subject you are teaching. But you also need to have excellent teaching skills

Your existing students will share this amazing experience with their friends and family. And that is how word of mouth will spread.

  • Offer something unique that solves students’ problems.

Research about the problems students face in the subject you teach. Look for the drawbacks in the teaching of other coaching centers. What is it they are missing? What is it that you can do to solve the problems of the students? Answer these questions and design your teaching strategy accordingly.

When you offer a solution to a problem that students are facing, they are more likely to join your coaching class. Essentially you are meeting an existing need that the market hasn’t addressed yet. This can be the unique selling proposition of your class. This is how your coaching center will stand out.

  • Develop an online presence

While traditional advertising like newspaper ads, billboards, and TV ads can be expensive, promoting your class online can be done on a low budget. Start with creating a Facebook profile and registering your coaching center on Google my Business. See what social media platforms your students use the most and create your account in them. This is how the potential students will know your coaching class exists.

  • Promote your coaching class on social media

The usage of social media has increased a lot in the past decade. Many of your potential students are probably spending their time on one of these social media platforms. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are the commonly used social media platforms. Create an account and start posting regularly on it. Make use of relevant hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Create a Facebook group for students interested in learning your subject.

You can also learn more about social media marketing and apply those strategies to grow your follower base. You don’t have to be an expert. Just the basics will do to grow a decent audience.

  • Create a website

Having a website for your coaching center provides it with a certain legitimacy. You can provide a few free resources on it. Use these resources as a lead magnet. For example, to access these resources, they have to share their email id or other details. This can help you create an email list. And promoting your class via emails is free. Once you get their email, you can keep promoting your class to them for a long time without any cost incurred on your end.

Have all the relevant information placed on the website. Highlight your USP in the description of the coaching class. Design the website well so that it looks professional and is easy on the eyes.

  • Online ads

The methods discussed above are essentially free. This method, however, can cost you some money. But it can be done on a budget of 15K or less. There is a feature of paid ads on various platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Google. These ads are targeted to your specific audience. Google ads especially have high conversion rates. 

Try using these strategies to grow your coaching class business. At Classplus, we will help you with getting your coaching class online. The absence of technical know-how doesn’t have to be a hindrance in making your class successful. 

Creating a website on your own, for example, can be difficult for beginners. We will help you create your app. We will also build you an app where you can manage your regular classes, upload online courses, and share resources with the students. 

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