Reasons Why A Teacher Should Have Book Wizard

What is Book Wizard

The book plays a quintessential role in the life of a student and teachers. From the printed publication, books have traveled to today’s modern digitalization. The latest addition is the Book Wizard, a helpful new tool, especially for the teachers. It is a program to read the digital talking books outlined in a specific design. The National Standard Organization (NISO) and the Digital Audio Information System (DAISY) have approved this tool. Today we will learn more about this tool and its five popular reasons why teachers should have Book Wizard. 

System Requirement for the Book Wizard 

Book wizard requires some of the essential systems:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 and later
  • Sound card and good speaker 
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Computer running Windows 98, ME, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, and later

How the Book Wizard Helps the Teachers 

Book Wizard is extensively designed for educators to express their needs. With the Book Wizard, the teacher can meet their instructional needs to serve the educational purpose of the students. They can customize the search option by 

  • Reading level
  • Different genre
  • Subject matter
  • The interest level of the students
  • Level of the books

Teachers can also suggest titles to motivate the independent reading habit of the students.

Reasons Why Teachers Should Use Book Wizard

  • Effortless Process

The current Book Wizard is easier for the teachers regarding reading books and creating new books catalog. In addition, it has an enhanced quiz feature which is an exciting improvement for both teachers and students. Teachers can also create book lists and save wishlists of books they like to share or purchase later at their convenience. 

Book Wizard is a tool that the teachers can use if the school or their library is not leveled. It can save a lot of time as the process is straightforward. In addition, it helps to fill the gap between the library and expert advice. The process is easy and effortless, and anyone from teachers to students can use it. 

  • Helpful Regarding Recommendations

Book Wizard is a research-worthy tool and helpful in searching books guided by the reading level system, genres, and grades. It helps the teachers to form a driven library that displays a wide range of topics and genres. 

The teacher can use Book Wizard to discover titles and add them to the classroom libraries. It helps to spark an interest to find more books about specific topics. It even helps to find certain topics or texts not on the personal list. The recommendations about authors or books with similar writing styles make it more interesting.

  • Suitable for the teachers of all ranks and experience

Whether a teacher is teaching for the first time to the first grade of a higher class for years, Book Wizard can be a great partner, which helps find books from any grade, genre, subject, and many more options. 

Finding the ‘just right book’ for the students increases more experience for the teachers about the books for targeted pupils. 

  • Commendable Results for The Teachers

The best feature of the Book Wizard is that it gives genuinely fantastic recommendations. Teachers can find out the student’s interest in a subject, and with the offers from Book Wizard, they can share in the book inventory. As a result, students feel valued, that their opinions matter, and get more attached to their studies. They have a ‘Teacher’s Store,’ which contains over 26,000 titles of book recommendations. 

  • It’s Free to Use

Book Wizard is a valuable tool, and it can be expensive. But it’s a surprise that this toll costs nothing – it’s free! Teachers can get the ‘just right books. Sometimes teachers’ ideas about what to read or suggest to read next fall flat, so it is a great way to get that recommendation from Book Wizard. The Teacher’s Store deals with groups of books so that if they need many books, they can quickly find and purchase them. 

To Sum Up

Book Wizard has exciting new updates, and it has got many brand new features. These features help to explore more books and information regarding the same. Like Book Wizard, Classplus is another platform to set up a virtual place of education for teachers. They can manage students’ classes there and maintain the coaching as per their own choice with the help of their own app, just like the feature of choosing books as per their choice for the students. 

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