Raja Rani Coaching: Transforming Fashion Education With Classplus

Raja Rani Coaching, India’s fastest growing tailoring academy has become known for its excellence in the fashion and tailoring industry. Founded by the dynamic team of Priya Ma’am and Mohit Sir, Raja Rani Coaching took a significant step forward by appearing on Season 3 of Shark Tank India. 

Tailoring business

On 8th February 2024, Priya Ma’am and Mohit Sir, the visionaries behind Raja Rani Coaching, stood before the Sharks, to showcase their innovative solution to make their coaching the go-to destination for aspiring tailors and designers across the country.

With an extremely profitable company, they managed to make the sharks do a double take when it came to the profit numbers. With more than 70,000 students and an impressive projected revenue of 6 Crore for the financial year 2023-24, they left the sharks speechless with  a profit margin of 44%. Raja Rani Coaching has truly transformed the landscape of the fashion and tailoring industry in India. 

Raja Rani Coaching x Classplus

As a client of Classplus, Raja Rani Coaching’s journey is a great example of how combining quality education with innovative technology can lead to successful business achievements and serve as an inspiration to other educational ventures.

“When Raja Rani Coaching signed onto Classplus, they were creators looking for an opportunity that could show the world what they were capable of. Their success could become a beacon for India’s booming creator economy. This remarkable achievement in the realm of tailoring and sewing education is just the beginning of an era where creators are the new age heroes.”
– Bhaswat Agarwal, Co-founder of Classplus

Classplus is changing the game for tutors by offering an easy-to-use app that helps them teach online and grow their business. With this app, Raja Rani Coaching has been able to reach more students, including those who look for a stay at home job, like homemakers & housewives. It’s a simple way for any coaching center to offer classes to more people, no matter where they are.

Mohit sir and Priya ma’am example proves that with your own app, you too can provide education to everyone, no matter where they are.

Raja Rani Coaching

Their innovative teaching methods and dedication to quality education (focussed on vocational training) have garnered widespread acclaim, making Raja Rani Coaching the go-to destination for aspiring tailors and designers across the country.

From the beginning, Mohit sir and Priya ma’am prioritized top-notch quality and customer happiness. Their commitment paid off, as their coaching center quickly became a hit. Students enrolled in huge numbers on both online as well as offline platforms to master tailoring skills under their expert guidance.

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They think of a future where talent and passion lead to success, and where everyone, regardless of their background, has equal opportunities to pursue their boutique management dreams. 

As they continue to expand their reach and support more students, Raja Rani Coaching shows how education can create endless opportunities.