The Most Underrated Qualities Of A Good School Principal

The job of a principal is demanding. They are accountable for the best education of each student in their care and create the school’s tone as the school’s face and head. In addition, they make decisions about staff recruitment and student curriculum. Aside from the apparent professional criteria for being a principal, there are a few qualities of a school principal one must possess that will enable one to accomplish their work well. School principals’ strengths and weaknesses are many. However, these qualities of a school principal are of utmost importance in fulfilling a principal’s day-to-day responsibilities.

Here Are Some Qualities Of A School Principal

Leadership Quality

leadership quality

Every administrator must demonstrate excellent leadership traits for others to follow, including staff and kids. An effective leader should be accountable for his school’s triumphs and failures. Regardless of the challenges, a good principal should always look for innovative methods to improve his school.

The qualities of a school principal include having prior experience in other instructional leadership roles, such as department head or co-curricular activity organizer may find themselves in a position of advantage. You must hone your leadership skills by managing a smaller staff before assuming the qualities of a school principal he post of principal, which puts you in command of the entire school.

Communication Skills

Communication skills can be one of the biggest qualities of a school principal. So be careful to make this your biggest strength. As a principal, you interact with many people, including parents, students, and staff. As a result, you must ensure that you convey any vital information to them in a timely and suitable manner—the way you speak to a kid differs from how you attend to a parent or staff member.

The most important thing is that you keep everyone up to date on what’s going on at school. You may, for example, send out a weekly newsletter to parents describing upcoming events at the school and student accomplishments for the week. 

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Visionary and futuristic are the right words to describe a good principal. The proficiency requirements of a school principal are one-of-a-kind. Make your vision for the school clear not only to your staff, parents, and students but also to yourself. Create and promote a clear and defined vision for your school’s future, and work on it daily. Everyone will be more motivated and efficient when this is accomplished, as their responsibilities will align with your strategic goals and vision. 

Qualities of a school principal encompass being futuristic. A visionary principal is necessary for the success of the school. Among other attributes of a principalthe most important one is that he must be a lifelong learner who can adjust to changing trends. A good principal will stand out among his peers if he does so. You are responsible for ensuring that teachers feel at ease and are motivated to align themselves with the school’s vision.

Problem-Solving Skills

There are no words to describe a good principal’s problem-solving skills. The principal’s position entails a lot of problem-solving. In many circumstances, new principals are appointed to a school experiencing difficulties. For example, the school’s test scores may be low, it has many disciplinary concerns, or it is experiencing financial problems due to the previous administrator’s poor leadership.

Any principal, whether new or experienced, will be expected to deal with a variety of challenging and complex situations. As a result, they must improve their problem-solving abilities by learning to prioritize and provide concrete solutions to their problems.


A competent administrator should be committed to the school and believe all choices should be made with the children’s best interests in mind. The principal must embody a school’s spirit. Students must see that the principal cares about the school and has their best interests. Principals’ characteristics should be that he is the first to arrive at school and the last to go. This level of commitment can be tough to maintain, but it pays out handsomely in terms of staff, students, parents, and society.


It’s too easy to get caught up in work aspirations, day-to-day duties, school budgets, etc. You have a lot of responsibilities as a principal, but don’t forget that you are first and foremost an educator and are responsible for providing the best education. Successful principals follow the 7 habits of highly effective principals and maintain a laser-like concentration on their student’s achievements. As a result, you have your students’ trust, their parent’s trust, and the community’s trust, both inside and outside the school. If you don’t keep your focus on your kids, you won’t be able to develop into a firm administrator.

Organizational Skills 

It is really important for a principal to have the best organizational skills because he/she is responsible for the working of the entire school as an organization. It is another one of the most important qualities of a school principal. Many roles and responsibilities come along with the role of a principal and all these responsibilities should be managed in an organized manner to achieve the desired results. 

Fairness and Integrity 

A principal is the highest authority in a school and hence they should always be fair. A principal should always treat all the teachers, staff, and students with respect and should be fair towards them. They must always act with integrity. 

Final Thoughts 

Principals’ strengths and weaknesses are many. The above-mentioned ones are the most important qualities of a school principal.  These qualities are important for a principal to be successful and to fulfill their responsibilities as a principal. If you are passionate about teaching and wish to expand your online coaching business then Classplus is here to help you. Get your own app where you can manage all your activities with ease. To know more about it, get in touch with our experts now!

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The Most Underrated Qualities a Good School Principal Must Have FAQs

Q1. What are the 5 qualities of a school principal?

A1. The five qualities of a school principal are communication skills, organizational skills, problem-solving skills, vision, and leadership qualities. 

Q2. What is the most important qualities of a school principal?

A2. The most important qualities of a school principal is to create and share the vision of the academic success of its students and institution. 

Q3. What are the core values of a principal?

A3. The core values of a principal are honesty, curiosity, knowledge-based vision, and professional honor. 

Q4. What are the 6 basic values for a principal?

A4. The six basic values of a principal are self-government, equality, individualism, liberty, diversity, and unity. 

Q5. What are the three most important functions of a principal?

A5. Three important functions of a principal are setting goals and objectives for teachers and students, setting safety protocols for the school, and overviewing administrative tasks.