How to Take Live Classes Online? A Beginners Guide

The growth of online education in recent years has transformed the way we teach and learn. Live classes online have become a popular and successful technique of remote education. Running successful live classes online takes careful planning and implementation, whether you are an experienced online instructor or new to the virtual classroom. In this blog we will discuss how to take live classes and the important techniques and strategies for delivering interesting and meaningful live classes. 

The blueprint for successful live classes online

Running successful live classes online demands a perfect mix of good teaching practices and the correct technological tools as educators explore virtual reality. Let us first go through the essentials for successfully doing live classes online. 

1. Define specific learning objectives

Before holding any live classes, it is important to define specific learning objectives. Define your goals for your students towards the end of the session. This allows you to organize your information more efficiently and keeps your live class focused and purposeful.

2. Select the best platform

How to take live classes? It is necessary to choose a dependable and user-friendly platform to host your live classes. Consider video quality, interactive features, and user friendliness for both instructors and students. 

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3. Prepare and organize content

Thorough content preparation and organization are essential to take live classes successfully. Prepare a detailed lesson plan or outline that includes essential topics, examples, graphics, and resources that you wish to cover in the course. 

You can divide your content into smaller pieces to make it more clear for your students. Smaller lectures keep students engaged for longer periods of time. 

4. Engage students with interactive activities

Include interactive activities into your live classes to keep students actively interested and avoid passive learning. To encourage involvement and collaboration, use elements like polls, quizzes, breakout areas, or chat discussions. 

To increase engagement, consider introducing multimedia components like movies or presentations. You can try different methods of teaching like lecture method of teaching, simulated teaching strategy etc. 

how to take live classes

5. Use visual aids

How to take live classes? Using visual aids in your online lectures can help you keep your students hooked till the end of every lecture.

How can you do that?
Use graphical representations, slides, diagrams, images, videos, diagrams, virtual whiteboards etc.

This way you can simplify complex topics for your students along with maintaining the aesthetic of the visual aids.

6. Record and share session recordings

If you have recordings of your lectures then 50% of your work is already done. It is time for you to provide these videos to your students. 

But how will you do that?
The easiest way is to list them on your app so that students can access these videos whenever they want and in return you can generate revenue as well.

Sharing the session recordings also helps students who live in different time zones or have schedule conflicts. Before sharing any recorded content, make sure you have proper consent and follow privacy guidelines.

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Simplifying live classes with Classplus

Classplus has simplified the process of taking live classes for teachers. Teachers can get their own app for taking online classes. You can connect with your students anytime from anywhere you want to. 

Not only can you conduct live classes but effortlessly manage all the other activities like marketing of your courses and app, tracking students performance, taking attendance, scheduling classes etc. 


Now that you know about different ways to conduct take live classes, why don’t you start today? With your own app you can start engaging more students as well as take your live classes to the next level. 

As an educator, you can simplify your path and create engaging, dynamic, and powerful virtual learning experiences for your students by following these points. 

How to take live classes FAQs

Q1. What are the key factors for running successful live classes online?

A1. Set clear learning objectives, planning and organizing content, promoting student engagement, utilizing visual aids, fostering interaction and communication, and managing time effectively.

Q2. How can I effectively manage time during live classes?

A2. Effective time management involves creating a well-structured lesson plan as well as allocating time for different activities, transitions, and student questions. 

Q3. What are some tips for continuously improving my live classes?

A3. Seek feedback from students through surveys or discussions to understand their experience and gather suggestions for improvement.

Q4. What equipment do I need to take live classes online?

A4. You’ll need a stable internet connection, a device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, a webcam and microphone for video and audio interactions, and necessary software like a web browser or a specific platform application.

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