How To Take Interior Designing Classes Online?

Interior designers love transforming spaces, unleashing creativity, and telling unique stories through design. But have you ever considered transforming the lives of aspiring students? Why not start taking interior designing classes online?

In the world of interior design, the possibilities are endless. Every space can become your canvas where you have a wealth of knowledge to share. Teaching interior design online isn’t just about sharing techniques; it’s about igniting creativity and making education accessible to everyone, regardless of their location.

Discover how you can turn your passion into a platform where you can transform and inspire multiple students’ lives.

Why Teach Interior Design Courses Online?

how to teach interior designing online

Before we start exploring ‘how’ let us begin with ‘why’ teach interior designing classes online. Teaching interior design online offers numerous compelling reasons to consider, from reaching a wider audience to showcasing your creativity in this huge ocean of digital world.

1. Accessibility

Reaching a wider audience who is interested in learning all about interior designing becomes easier. Moreover, it makes it accessible for you to reach students worldwide, breaking down geographical barriers.

2. Flexibility

As an interior decorator course instructor you can manage your work-life balance smoothly. Both students and instructors benefit from flexible schedules. 

3. Diverse Student Base

You can attract a diverse group of students, each with unique perspectives and experiences.

4. Cost-Efficiency

Teaching interior design online is the most cost-effective solution for you, in addition; you save on physical classroom expenses.

teach interior design online

Teaching Interior Design Online: Key Considerations

When teaching interior design online, it’s important to consider a few key factors. You’ll need to adapt your teaching methods for the online format, use technology effectively, and create a user-friendly learning environment for students worldwide.

1. Interior design principles

As an interior design instructor online, it is important to understand the fundamental interior design principles. This includes,
– spatial planning
– color theory
– furniture arrangement
– lighting design
– material selection etc.  

Having a strong foundation in the design fundamentals helps in forming the basis of creating functional and pleasing spaces. 

2. Digital design tools

Having a thorough and clear knowledge about industry standard design software is important. Tools like,
– AutoCAD
– SketchUp
– Adobe Creative Suite
– 3D modeling software etc. enables online interior designers to create accurate floor plans, renderings, and visual presentations of design concepts. This will help them in helping their students understand clearly what they wish to explain to them. 

3. Engagement strategies

Focus on developing strategies to engage maximum students in your interior decorator course. This includes creating interactive content, conducting virtual design critiques, fostering discussions through forums, as well as organizing engaging assignments or projects that encourage active participation.

Here are different ways for you to engage maximum students to enroll themselves in your interior designing course.

  • Provide interactive design projects to your students. Ask them to create room layouts and mood boards so that students can showcase their unique ideas. 
  • Conduct online sessions for your students where they can present their projects with each other. This will motivate them to do better and learn new things too. 
  • Create chat groups on WhatsApp as well as Telegram where students can interact with each other and talk about different design ideas and trends. 
  • Bring guest speakers from the design industry to share their experience with your students. In addition, you can host these events on your social media platforms to grab attention of those who have not enrolled in your courses. 
  • Run a design competition where students can submit their best work. Recognize and reward them for more engagement. 
  • Offer one-on-one support for your students to provide extra support as well as guidance incase anyone needs it. 

Include these strategies in your interior designing classes online to increase engagement in your courses. Consider flexible schedules, visually appealing course materials, and promotion through social media etc.

4. Effective communication

To teach interior designing classes online you must excel in written and visual communication. Furthermore, you should be able to convey design concepts, ideas, and recommendations clearly through emails, presentations, and visual aids. 

Effective communication ensures your students understand your teaching methods and include them in their learning too. 

5. Design engaging content 

Giving continuous lectures can be boring but delivering it in the form of video lectures, quizzes, presentations, assignments etc. not only convey information but also inspire creativity and critical thinking. Remember to create engaging content while teaching interior designing classes online as well.

What can you do?

  • Utilize before-and-after photos
  • Practical exercises
  • Virtual tours to illustrate design principles
  • Foster discussions through forums 
  • Invite guest speakers for real-world insights etc.  

To make your lessons of interior designing more engaging you can utilize high-quality visuals, including images and videos. Showcasing real-life examples and case studies would also help greatly.

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6. Market your interior designing course

Promote your online interior designing classes online through various channels, including social media, your website, email marketing, as well as partnerships with interior design organizations. 


  • Use the story feature on Instagram to tell about interior design projects, students success stories etc. 
  • Upload carousel posts on a daily or weekly basis to establish yourself as an expert of this field.
  • Post reels of before-and-after images or videos of interior design transformations to showcase the impact of your courses.
  • Host live Instagram Q&A sessions for your students. 


  • Create informative and engaging videos about interior design principles, tutorials, and tips. Additionally, produce short videos for your courses, highlighting key content and benefits.
  • Furthermore, share student testimonials in the form of short videos. 
  • Moreover, offer BTS glimpses of your teaching process.


  • Use the advertising platform of Facebook to target specific audiences. 
  • Join and engage in interior design-related Facebook groups to share valuable insights and indirectly promote your courses.
  • Host live webinars or Facebook Live sessions.
  • Create event pages for course launches as well as enrollment periods.

Taking your interior designing classes online opens up a world of possibilities. With careful planning, engaging content, and a commitment to excellence, you can successfully share your passion for interior design with students from around the globe. 


To teach interior design courses online, you need creativity, communication skills, and the ability to understand your students’ needs. Along with inventiveness, you can succeed in this field of teaching interior decorator courses by having strong communication and listening abilities in design courses if you are interested in teaching and want to establish your own teaching institute online.

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Interior Designing Classes Online FAQs

Q1. What are online interior designing classes?

A1. Interior designing classes online are internet-based courses that teach the principles as well as skills of interior design.

Q2. What are the advantages of interior design courses online?

A2. The advantages of taking interior design courses online are flexibility, accessibility, diverse learning, cost-efficiency, and interactive options.

Q3. What is the format of online interior designing classes?

A3. Interior designing classes online typically include video lectures, readings, assignments also discussions on a virtual platform.

Q4. Are interior decorator courses recognized by the industry?

A4. Many reputable institutions offer online interior designing classes that are recognized by the industry. It’s important to choose courses from accredited sources.

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