How To Get Teaching Opportunities Outside India

If one plans to venture abroad for in-person or online teaching jobs, one must be brave enough to take risks. As it is a clear indicator to potential employers that you have developed outstanding cross-cultural communication and adaptation skills and you are cross-culturally sensitive, teaching outside India for at least two years can open up a multitude of teaching opportunities both abroad and in the home market. Besides earning good, a teacher can gain good experience and reputation by availing teaching opportunities outside India. However, getting teaching jobs outside India is not an easy task. Therefore, in this post, we share some tips to ease the process of getting teaching opportunities outside India.

Tips to get teaching opportunities abroad

Ensuring you have the right qualifications is the most crucial step in applying for teaching jobs abroad. There are a few requirements that are common to most teacher vacancy positions abroad:

  • T0EFL/ IELTS Certification with a Bachelor’s Degree 
  • It could be necessary for you to be proficient in the local dialect if you intend to work as a public school teacher abroad. 
  • Teaching certification like a B.Ed or M.Ed degree
  • Teaching experience
  • Administrative experience 

Even if teaching abroad sounds intriguing, you should consider whether you’re genuinely prepared to take on the burden of managing a classroom full of kids outside your comfort zone. You will be interacting with kids that may have a language barrier and come from a different cultural background while venturing into a new culture and leaving everything familiar behind. This is not a simple job and should not be taken lightly. You must have the necessary mental and emotional strength.

Tip1: Choose Your Path

Choose whether to apply through a volunteer program, a recruitment company, or on your own. After making sure you’re ready to work abroad, you’ll need to decide if you want to look for a teacher vacancy on your own or collaborate with a bigger group. A benefit of participating in prestigious volunteer programs is that they will help you with your placement, expenditures, living arrangements, and any other support you may require. If you want to look for teaching jobs independently, be aware that you might not have the same resources available as with established national organizations or recruiters. As a result, you should be ready to be able to finance your living, travel, and medical expenses. Many international schools, though, will offer help in these areas.

Tip2: Update Your Resume

Get a professional teacher résumé created. Creating the right resume can be difficult, but it might be especially difficult if you’re applying internationally. Knowing the expected format of the application is the first step. Standard resumes are used in North America, while CVs are used in Europe. The length and complexity of these formats differ most significantly; resumes are brief documents with condensed histories of schooling and career. On the contrary, a CV might be several pages long and includes extensive information on your former training, work, abilities, and accomplishments.

If you’re not sure which format to use, get in touch with the company you’re applying through to find out. Also, make sure to proofread for grammatical and spelling errors in your teacher’s resume. It is also advisable that you have your references’ most recent contact details, and you might even want to ask them to write a letter of recommendation to strengthen your candidacy. A professional photo of you should also be included.

Tip3: Apply In Multiple Places

Send your teacher resume to multiple places and for multiple vacancies. Your chances of landing a job will increase if you apply for several education jobs. Do not undermine the significance of being transparent about your wage expectations and only taking interviews from institutions that fit your norms. Always follow up on your application, and don’t give up if nothing turns up immediately. It might require time and patience, like with any other job hunt. Meanwhile, do not give up on strengthening your opportunities by earning extra certifications, gaining experience, and expanding your education-related training and skill set.

Tip4: Prepare For Interviews

Prepare well for interviews for your education jobs. You should prepare for your interview if you’ve been offered one so that you can ace it. Do extensive research on the school or college and the teacher vacancy you have applied for beforehand. Knowing something about the place where you are being interviewed demonstrates that you are taking the chance seriously. In light of this, you should never respond with a “no” when your interviewer asks whether you have any final questions. Prepare a list of inquiries you have regarding the role. Finally, when addressing the interviewer’s questions, try to allude to particular accomplishments and results as much as possible and emphasize experience over your education. They can see what you studied on your resume. Even though your degree is crucial, interviewers want to know about your experience.

The Final Word

Above all things, love for kids and a drive to affect change are requirements for teaching opportunities abroad. There are a tonne of chances accessible for you if you share that enthusiasm and are qualified to work with students abroad. You can locate the ideal teaching position if you exercise a little flexibility, openness, and determination. Another way of teaching students from countries outside India is by starting your online coaching. With online coaching, you can reach out to students from different countries at the same time. The Classplus team can help you create your online app so that you can teach with ease. A customized app to take care of all your administrative and teaching needs is the only thing you need to start teaching students from abroad. Rather than searching for teaching jobs, Classplus can help you become someone who provides online teaching jobs to others. Call the team now for a demo and get started today. 

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