How to Find Topics for YouTube Videos in Easy Steps

Educators around the world aren’t asking whether they should make educational videos for students, for them, the main issue is how to find topics for YouTube videos

We all know that the best tool to keep students attentive these days are educational videos. Well-crafted videos effectively communicate the audiovisual information a teacher wants to deliver. You can guarantee your student engagement with the help of these educational videos for students.

Coming to the big question, what topic should you choose to make your educational videos on? And how long should it be? No worries. We are here to help you.

Different ways to find topics for YouTube videos

how to find topics for YouTube videos

How to find topics for YouTube videos? One of the easiest and effective ways to find most search topics on YouTube is by exploring YouTube’s trending page. Here you can find a number of videos that are trending for a particular niche in your country. 

The YouTube trend page will display the videos as per the popularity in your country. The list shown to you is the most updated list of trending videos. So you don’t need to worry about the authenticity of the data provided by them.  

You may ask, what all metrics YouTube is considering to present this list to you. So, YouTube considers different metrics such as:

  • Number of views on the video
  • Age of the video
  • Comparison between the trending video and other similar videos
  • Clickability of the video etc. 

2. Conduct a thorough competitor analysis

Just imagine eating the same kind of food everyday, won’t you get bored? You will, right? Similarly, viewers on YouTube are in search of something new and unique. By doing competitor analysis you can see which topics are already popular and which ones are not yet covered by any other channel. 

find trending topics for youtube

How to find trending topics for YouTube?This helps you pick topics that people want to watch but haven’t seen too much of. You can find trending topics on YouTube by checking out your competitors and accordingly make videos that more people want to watch.

Utilize competitor analysis to create unique content and not to copy the content. Copying the content will not help you to grow your YouTube channel

3. Plan your content

Are you still wondering how to find topics for youtube videos then start planning your content now! No matter how useful your information is, there is no guarantee that your video will achieve its desired effect. Unless of course, you plan for it.  Engaging student videos should be visually appealing and meet their needs. Before shooting your online learning videos, you must ask yourself a few questions like

  • What is the key takeaway of your video?
  • What type of video will your students prefer?
  • Where are you going to post your videos? 

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how to find trending topics for youtube

Takeaway of the video written on Thumbnail; a value adding video that students prefer on YouTube

How to find trending topics for YouTube? When it comes to YouTube, planning your content can significantly influence your topic choices in several beneficial ways. It ensures that each video aligns with your channel’s overall theme and purpose.

Planning your content will give you as well as your audience a clear idea about what you can present and what they can expect from your videos respectively. Thus, plan your videos accordingly. 

4. Do some research work

How to find topics for your YouTube videos? It’s now time to do some research. With a little effort and time, you will be able to find some awesome topics for your YouTube videos. Proper research work will provide you with insights into what viewers are currently interested in, ensuring your content remains relevant and engaging.

Use Google trends to get more insights about which topic is trending the most on YouTube. It can serve as a YouTube topic finder for you if used properly. You can search for top trending topics on Google trends and accordingly find trending topics for YouTube

5. Listen to your audience

Your content should be such that it either solves your audience’s problem or answers their questions effectively. You may have a broad topic in your mind but focus on a concept that will bridge your target audience’s knowledge gaps. Choose a topic that sets a clear learning objective. 

how to find trending topics for youtube

A YT thumbnail clearly stating that the video teaches to create SEO-friendly thumbnails

Browse through your comment section and engage with your audience to understand what they expect from your videos. This way you can find trending topics for YouTube

6. Stick to your niche

How to find trending topics for YouTube? When looking for most search topics on YouTube, stick to your niche and accordingly choose topics. Why is it important? Because when you are on the hunt to find trending topics for creating YouTube videos there is always a chance that you end up developing something too wide or little off-topic that your audience won’t interact with.  

So, keep in mind what your niche is and what you have promised to serve to your audience. You can also explore different websites like Reddit, Quora etc. to find trending topics by analyzing the discussions on these platforms. 


Now you must be aware of how to find topics for YouTube videos. Finding the right topic for a YouTube video is a blend of understanding your audience, researching trends, and staying true to your channel’s niche.

By actively engaging with viewers, keeping an eye on what’s popular, and bringing your unique perspective, you can consistently create content that resonates and engages. Remember, the goal is to instill a love of learning, and with YouTube’s massive library, the sky’s the limit!

How to find topics for YouTube videos FAQs

Q1. How do I find trending topics for YouTube?

A1. Use YouTube’s Trending page and tools like Google Trends to see what’s currently popular.

Q2. What is a YouTube topic finder?

A2. A YouTube topic finder is a tool or service that helps identify popular subjects based on current trends and search data.

Q3. How can I find trending topics for YouTube to create content on?

A3. Check social media trends, subscribe to trend aggregation services, and monitor what’s viral in your niche.

Q4. What are the most searched topics on YouTube?

A4. The most searched topics can include current events, popular songs, viral challenges, educational content, and tech reviews.

Q5. How important is audience engagement in deciding how to find topics for YouTube videos?

A5. Engaging with your audience through comments, polls, and social media can uncover valuable ideas for future content.

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