How to Create Results for Online Exam

Online exams are a great way to drive engagement, capture larger leads, and save your precious time. The truth is many institutions are thinking of taking exams online due to too many positive factors. However, the thought of creating an online exam and creating result can be challenging. But you don’t need complicated testing software to provide online exams and results on your website. Here is the best guide for you on how to create results for online exams.

What is Online Examination?

Online education is a well-known platform right now. Hence, the virtual examination is also a popular way of taking an online test. Moreover, many universities, institutions, and schools are adapted to Learning Management System (LMS), where software application shares documents, creates reports and examination papers, and generates results. This teaching and evaluation system helps to grade the students. 

It is a cost-effective virtual examination solution that reaches a broader range of students and provides real-time analytical reports. Moreover, the AI-based proctoring technology prevents online cheating during examinations. 

What are the Types of Online Exams

The in-person education system has a Pen and paper-type examination process. Online learning has changed many conventional ways of teaching. Today there are various types of online examination categories. Each institution creates a suitable pattern to grade its students. Some of the common types of online examinations are:

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
  • Match the following
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Subjective questions for writing answers
  • Rue or false type questions
  • Audio/video-based questions 
  • Image-based questions
  • Viva or oral exams 
  • Psychometric test

Online Exam Pattern

Many institutions use different patterns for online exams. Some have their specific ways of taking examinations. Some of the basic exam patterns followed by schools and institutions are:

  • Negative marking with determining passing mark standards
  • Subject oriented pattern
  • Topic oriented pattern
  • Difficult levels 
  • Random questions with pre-defined criteria

Scopes and Objectives of Online Examination

The advancement of technology has been a boon for many sectors, including online education. The introduction of online examination has replaced the conventional assessment of assessment in many institutions. As a result, the schools and institutions can conduct online studies cost-effectively. In addition, computer-based tests have many positive scopes and objectives.

Effortless conduct of examination

Users can manage exams easily with computer-based test methods. The exam software generally has a user-friendly dashboard, supports multiple types of questions and different formats, and detailed reports to conduct a smooth examination. 

Reduce administrative limitation

Online examination saves a lot of administrative pressure by saving huge costs and valuable time. The institutions with online classes prefer online exams due to its benefit, like making a massive examination process simple and faster. 

Reduce exam anxiety among the test takers

Computer-based tests are flexible, and it reduces offline exam anxiety among students. Due to this anxiety, they often fail to get the required marks in the exam. In an online exam, they can make their schedule and be mentally prepared for taking the exam, which reduces fear and stress.

Security of Online Examination

Nowadays, the online examination is highly secure as various tools are offered by the conducting agencies that manage the safety of the data related to questions and the test takers’ answers. Cheating is another aspect of examination that is tough to handle in offline exams. Online quizzes managed to prevent cheating through any unfair ways. The various functionalities in the test have been fully-proof to prevent cheating irrespective of test-takers location. 

How to Publish Results for Online Exam 

In this internet era, many test centers have reduced pen and paper assessments. The evaluation of online tests has been digitalized by keeping in mind the inconvenience of the cost associated with administration, place of the examination, and materials related to the conventional analysis. 

The online assessment software has been a boon for many institutions, test-makers, and test-takers. Assessment of examiners can evaluate students for examinations with the help of a software system. 

For online examination result assessment, test-makers can analyze individual students or whole batches using some of the data points:

Single student result

The online test-taking software system can generate results for a single student based on the candidate’s total score during the online examination. 

Student Group Assessment

Like individual reports, the assessment tool can publish group scores for a team or a class. 

Pass or Failure Status

Based on examination scoring criteria and the performance of the online exam students, the candidate’s pass or fail result can be published. 

Average Score

The online result can create average scores for the students according to yearly or semester performance. 

Topic-wise Performance of the Candidate

An online exam can have a particular topic, and students have to get a score according to the total attempted correct and incorrect answers. 

Question-wise Performance of the Student

The online exam results of a class or school depend on the performance of the group of students. 

Analytical score Publish

The result publication, in most cases, comes with a colorful chart analysis of correct question count, non-attempted question count, incorrect question count, aptitude marks (total, passing, obtained, and average marks), topic-wise analysis, competency analysis of the report or graphical analysis of the subject matter and percentage. There can also be a comparison with topper’s score. 

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