How to Create Healthy Competition Between Students 

For those of you who long to see your students create more original work and work harder, there’s one simple thing you can do: organize a friendly competition. Everyone will want to win because failure is unacceptable in their eyes. This healthy competition encourages students to devote themselves as much as possible to their studies. This process also makes studying more interesting and engaging for everyone involved. This article helps you to understand healthy competition in the classroom.

This is a very important factor that must be considered when teaching students. Learning is a very personal, and a good teacher understands the delicate nature of this problem and how they can help foster it.

8 Tips on How to Create Healthy Competition Between Students 

1. Give everyone a chance to win

In this case, none of the students has the ability or knowledge to complete the task by themselves. It’s very unlikely that anyone will have a 100% dedicated interest. Therefore, it’s important that not everyone is given an exact time limit or only one student is allowed to work on a task at any given time. Instead, you should allow students to work on several things simultaneously, to not cause any damage or confusion to their hard work.

2. Make sure it’s real competition (but NOT too competitive)

This is where the idea takes on a challenge that needs both physical and mental fortitude to succeed. The criteria include a small amount of effort and focus, but mind-blowing results. The main idea behind a competition of this kind is to encourage students to do their best work, especially those less talented but still want the chance to win.

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3. Create an atmosphere of excitement among the students

The goal here is not to make everyone feel nervous or upset by having them work on something which may be difficult or boring. Everyone must work together on something they are motivated by and enjoy doing.

In addition, as mentioned before, do not force your students to participate in a competition they do not feel comfortable with. Be on the lookout for any signs of negativity and resentment.

4. Avoid competitions where students cannot win

Teachers need to be careful not to create a competition that the students will simply be unable to win and therefore feel like failures. Instead, everyone must work together to make the competition enjoyable for everyone involved. This is why it’s also important for teachers to make all of their tasks fairly so that everyone can have a chance at winning or losing, even though most of it may depend on students’ talent or not.

5. Encourage students to learn from each other

Students should be aware of their shortcomings and take the opportunity to learn from others by helping them with tasks. This will give students a chance to find out what they are good at and explore other areas they may like working on more.

6. Help each student realize their full potential

For those teachers who feel a bit shy about being competitive in the classroom, you must realize that competitive behavior comes from insecurity and fear of failure. So you shouldn’t be afraid of this aspect of your personality.

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But instead, embrace it as it can help to keep your students on track with their learning progress. The key here is to channel your competitiveness into valuable lessons for your students.

7. Be confident and believe in yourself

Your students need to see that you are a natural winner, and your confidence shows them that they can do it too if they start strong. This helps students to feel more involved in the competition as they can put their full effort into it to achieve amazing results.

8. Remember, learning is a lifelong pursuit, not a race.

In competitive sports, winning is not as important as trying your best. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to ensure they’re making progress and enjoying themselves. Your classroom should be an environment where students feel comfortable enough to give their all, even if they know they will lose in the end.


If you want to induce competition, there are two possible ways to do it. The first is to create the necessary resources in your classroom to allow students to develop their diligence aptitude. This includes giving them stylistic material and tools that they can use to make their work more interesting and unique.

The other way is by creating an atmosphere of healthy competition between students. In this case, the best way to do this is by organizing a friendly challenge where all the students are encouraged, but not forced, to participate and compete for a reward.

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