How teachers could acquire the game-based learning method

In most countries, education has remained unchanged for decades. Rapid technological improvements, on the other hand, necessitate that the workforce is fluent in new technology, which requires that educational systems adapt and respond in like. Furthermore, while employing “old methods” to teach “the new,” teachers struggle to deliver their courses successfully. To make matters worse, when student engagement is low, educators have a more challenging time capturing students’ attention. Teachers are changing this by using a more exciting method of learning called the game-based learning method. Game-based Learning is a technical and artificial intelligence-based teaching method in which students explore relevant game components in a learning environment set up by teachers.

With the right type of game-based learning, one can experience virtual reality that looks and feels familiar and relevant. Additionally, gamifying the learning process will surely aid you in creating a fun and engaging learning environment.

Methodology of Game-based Learning

Game-based learning methodology emphasizes the active participation of participants through interactive and immersive ways that blend theory and practice. They include lectures, PowerPoint presentations, movies and animations, case studies from teachers who have used integration strategies in their classrooms, seminars, and activities, and web resources. Workshops, small group work, simulations, scheduled exercises, and other activities will be used.

These training tools are necessary to ensure that participants’ theoretical knowledge can be implemented in real-life settings, which is an important aspect and added value of any training course. As a result, the training session will be designed to build on the participants’ past knowledge and experience while also enhancing awareness, confidence, and talents in a fun and participatory way.

How game based Learning is different from gamification

At first look, the terms “game-based learning” and “gamification” may appear to be synonymous. While both phrases combine games with Learning, the difference is in how game components are included in the online learning process. When comparing game-based education vs. gamification, this disparity leads to a more significant difference in learning outcomes. The game is the learning experience in game-based Learning, but in gamification, game components are introduced to traditional education methods.

The game-based learning method is an active learning experience that takes place within the context of a game and has explicit learning objectives and measurable outcomes. It provides a student with clear and challenging goals within the context of a virtual game, necessitates a high level of student participation, and provides insightful feedback on student performance. The games are frequently designed to assist the player in comprehending the subject matter in a real-world setting.

Gamification, on the other hand, is the process of incorporating game aspects or mechanisms into an experience in order to improve engagement or enjoyment in classroom. The accurate learning information is frequently isolated from the game components. Badges, leaderboards, timed activities, incentives, and points are all examples of gamified lessons or activities.

Game-based learning activities helpful in mathematics

Most of the teachers who use digital games report that the games have improved their students’ math skills. Most teachers, on the other hand, want assistance in locating curriculum-aligned games that allow for deep inquiry and complicated problem-solving. Look for games that immerse players in a captivating environment of problem-solving, allow self-directed exploration, give scaffolded mastery-based learning, provide data for players to track their progress, and provide real-time feedback to assist players in improving their answers.

There are a plethora of entertaining math games available, but here are some shortlisted game-based learning examples and activities that have been demonstrated to be effective in the classroom-

  • Math Bingo
  • Math Baseball
  • 101 and Out
  • Hopscotch Math
  • Prodigy

Theory of game-based Learning

Game-based learning theory proposes a novel method of instructing students. We’re discussing how games can be used to teach. A constructivist approach to learning is used in game-based education. It gives students the tools they need to create their own problem-solving techniques. Following are the guiding concepts for game-based learning theory:


Game-based learning theories cannot ignore the importance of new approaches to learning creativity. The game promotes creativity and motivation by posing challenges and dilemmas that students must solve using their imagination.

Practice, experience, and interaction

The philosophy of game-based Learning is built on the pillars of safe practice, experienced knowledge, and interaction. Students can experiment in non-threatening situations while learning through practice and social interaction when they learn through games.

Encouragement of thought

Game-based learning method sets up situations that encourage students to think and make decisions in order to solve an issue, in addition to providing incentives and a humorous approach. The participant gains knowledge and absorbs concepts in this manner while also developing cognitive capacities such as critical thinking, reality analysis, and dispute resolution.

Soft Skills

When game-based Learning is used to enhance social and soft skills, it emphasizes interaction and collaboration among participants. Among the themes covered in the practical work are emotional intelligence, leadership, communication, self-control, negotiation and conflict resolution abilities, and so on. All of these abilities are impossible to master without a lot of practice, which is where game-based learning simulators shine.

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