How Teachers Can Start With Real Estate Courses Online

Learning a new field is the best way to stay motivated in your career, and if you’re a teacher looking for a change of pace, then we highly recommend trying your hand at online real estate courses. The best part? They provide everything you need to know to start as an agent without any prior experience or qualification! Here are 10 Tips on How Teachers Can Start With Real Estate Courses Online

Learn To Love Paperwork

This is one of the most important skills for real estate agents because you’ll be doing much of it! Most of the work across your desk will be confirmation of transactions and paperwork for listings, so get used to finding errors and dealing with them. You’ll also be sending out contracts, drawing purchase agreements, writing disclosure statements and contracts, and much more.

Get A Feel For What It’s Like To Sell And Buy A Home

One of the best ways to figure out if real estate is the right career choice for you is to test drive it before diving into the deep end. Take a walk around your neighborhood, and pay attention to signs posted in windows or outside houses. The “sold” signs are easy to spot, but have you seen any “for sale” signs?

If so, you can get more information about the homes online or by paying a visit directly. If there are no such signs around your area, try looking up some popular neighborhoods nearby and see what it would take to buy one of those homes.

Get A Good Credit Score

Many people shy away from careers like real estate because they don’t want to be responsible for other people’s mortgages or debt. However, agents must pass a credit check to set up shop, and you must pay your bills on time and have a decent credit score. Even if your future clients are self-employed, they still might have to get a mortgage, so good credit is essential to success in this field.

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Tip: Invest in some quality training materials on how to improve your credit score before getting started, since it can mean the difference between success and failure!

Study The Local Real Estate Market

Most cities have multiple listing services that offer extensive listings for sale or rent, allowing you to see what properties are in demand before contacting a client about a possible purchase or rental. You can also get an idea about how much money people are willing to spend on properties by checking out online “shop around” websites and services, such as and If you’re unsure what areas are in demand, try buying a home in those areas and seeing how things turn out after a given period.

Get Your Real Estate Courses License

In most US states, you’ll need to obtain a real estate license before you can get started as an agent. Then, either take a class at the local college, an apprentice with a licensed agent, or search online for 100-hour courses that can help you gain all the skills you need to pass the state exam. Many courses will also provide supplemental materials, such as textbooks and flashcards, so you don’t have to worry about buying additional resources!

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Take Advantage Of Any Local Community Programs

If you live in a small town where there isn’t much for new agents to do, then there are still ways for you to learn more about the field and make connections with other agents. Local realtor groups might organize annual events and seminars, and some states offer training programs specifically targeted toward teachers!

For example, we recently covered an excellent community outreach program allowing Colorado teachers to get accredited or licensed as realtors. Other options include working with an associate broker or looking into getting certified as a real estate license transfer agent so you can receive recognition letters from your previous state license.

Network With Realtors At The Local Branch

While many people move to a new city for the opportunity to become an agent, you could also try out your luck working at a local realtor branch. Most states have some type of law that allows associates and agents to help educate other agents about the industry and provide training to new agents.

Even if that’s not something you’re interested in doing, there’s still something great to gain from being on the inside! Not only can you make contacts and run errands, but it also allows you to observe how agents work to figure out what types of roles you might enjoy best.

Final Thoughts

There’s no “right way” or “wrong way” to becoming a real estate agent, just as long as you have experience and training that can qualify you for an industry license. Taking the time to research local real estate agents and open houses can give you a better idea of which roles might be right for you. Of course, depending on your career goals, some things can give you an edge when it comes to getting your start.

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