How Teachers Can Maximize Their App Downloads

With over 2.87 million Android and 1.96 million iOS apps available, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. However, the key to success lies in the making sure your app downloads stand out from the rest. To help you achieve this goal, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to maximize your app downloads.

Once you’ve published your app, it’s out there for everyone to see. That means you need to make sure your app gets noticed. 

Make Your App Easy To Discover

Users will only download your app if they think it’s something they might enjoy. To ensure that happens, make sure your app is listed prominently on the App Store and Play Store. You should also consider adding a “Discover” tab on your website to allow users to browse through other apps similar to yours.

Make Your User Experience Great

If your app isn’t useful or doesn’t provide value to its users, then they won’t stick around long enough to download it. So ensure your app is intuitive, well designed, and easy to navigate. Also, ensure your app provides a unique experience compared to other apps in the same category.

Make Your App Icon Enticing

Your app’s icon is the first thing people see when they search for an app. So, it is important to make sure it represents your app well. Your icon should be simple, clean, and easy to recognize. You don’t want to clutter it up with too many details. Keep it straightforward. Don’t go overboard with colors and patterns.

Use Social Media To Outreach Customers

Before deciding which social networks to join, you need to decide what angle you will approach them from. Your social media voice needs to match your app’s personality. What does your app say about itself? What would it talk and act like if it were a real person?

How should I post? Use that voice consistently throughout all of your posts. If your app is cool and edgy, don’t try to sound boring and professional. But if your app caters to young professionals, that business language may fit your audience well.

Name & Describe Your App Appropriately

A good app title means the difference between someone downloading your app and never using it again, and someone who downloads your app and becomes a loyal user. If you want your app title on the App Store to stick in people’s heads, the name must be unique and appropriate. But no one can give you a perfect name, so try to come up with an app name that is both catchy and memorable.

Also, keep your app name short and simple, easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. Avoid choosing a name that sounds generic or boring. Your app name should reflect what your app does and its users should expect.

Utilize Your Marketing Budget Wisely

If you have a marketing budget, you should not be too conservative, especially when you want a quick spike in downloads for your application. Most marketing is structured over several weeks or months. However, if you want an amazing spike in downloads for your mobile app in a very short period.

You should focus all your marketing efforts on a small time frame, like a few days or even just one day. You must be brave and dedicate yourself to rolling out a full-scale marketing campaign. If you do it right, you can see some great results.

Spread your ads across the channels best suited for your target audience, including: Organic search traffic is still king, but many downloads will also come from your website’s landing page. That’s why you should also create a dedicated webpage for your app with a clear “call-to-action” directing users to download your application.

Add Photos & Videos

Photos are an important aspect of any app. You should always strive to get them right. Users need to see what your app looks like in real life. That means showing them what your app does. Don’t just show a screenshot of your app; show them what your app looks like. Also, make sure that your screenshots are high quality. You want to give users a clear idea of what your app does.

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You also want to convince them that your app is better than other apps. So, put extra emphasis on the most important features of your app. If you have the ability, create a video about your app. Videos are much easier to understand than text, and they help users decide whether or not they want to download your app.

Get Customer Reviews & Feedback

To get more organic reviews, you should ask your customers to give you feedback. If you show that you care about your users, they will be likelier to tell you what they like and dislike about your app. The best way to do this is to ask them directly. For example, you can create a survey or poll asking them to rate your app on different aspects. Or, you could simply ask them to leave a comment on your website or social media page.

If you’re unsure how to do this, you can always hire a company to handle it for you. Many companies specialize in getting reviews for apps. These services usually charge a fee per review, but they can effectively increase your overall rating.

Don’t Forget About Keywords

Regarding keywords, there are two main factors to consider: relevance and competition. Relevance means that the keyword must be related to your app. For example, if you were creating an app that helps people manage their finances, then the keywords “financial management” and “budgeting” would not be very useful.

Competition refers to how often people search for those keywords. For example, if you were trying to rank for the term “financial management,” you would want to ensure that there aren’t already plenty of apps competing for that exact keyword.

Google’s Universal Analytics

Analytics is very important to determine your app’s success. They help you understand what your users want the app to do, and how to provide them with the best experience possible. They’re the key to generating continuous installs. They allow you to track user engagement and retention rates. You can then use that information to create targeted campaigns to increase your app’s visibility and popularity.

The most used analytics tool on the planet is probably Google’s Universal analytics. Universal Analytics lets you connect to different devices and associate multiple sessions with a unique ID. When sending that ID to Universal Analytics, you can get an exact user count, analyze the session flow, and access many other useful data.

Final Thoughts

App development is an exciting and challenging endeavor. You must understand your target market and determine what features will appeal to them. Then, you must create a product that meets those needs. Finally, you must promote your app effectively to ensure it gets downloaded. 

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