How Teachers Can Earn Respect from Their Students

‘To get respect you must give respect’. Students need to know that you respect them. If they feel like you don’t think much of them, it will be hard for a teacher to get their student’s attention for the course duration. On the other hand, when you treat your students with respect and help them learn, then you can also earn respect from your students. Today’s students are aware of every aspect of their education, and more than ever, they know when they’re getting a lousy education. We’ve seen that this often leads to confusion and tension in the classroom among the teacher and student. This blog talks about how teachers can earn respect from their students.

7 Ways on How Teachers Can Earn Respect from Their Students

1. Keep it Simple

Communication is key. Sometimes, simple can be better than more. Using simple language and teaching methods will allow students to understand your lesson plans easily and effectively.

What’s so great about keeping things simple is that it also ensures students can learn the material you are giving them. For example, suppose you are trying to teach students about a historical event with many facts. In that case, the best way to ensure they fully understand what’s going on is to keep it basic so that you don’t overwhelm them with information.

2. Make Goals

Specific goals will help you know what to focus on with your students. This can help them learn how to work well in teams or learn a new math concept. Anything that pertains to the subject you teach is where your goals should lie.

3. Expect Respect and Give it Back

Students don’t want just any teacher in front of them; they are looking for teachers who understand their needs and have a teaching style tailored to their learning styles. Asking students to respect you isn’t enough, though; you need to prove that you deserve respect by accepting it and giving it back.

4. Use technology

Focusing on technology can help the average student feel comfortable with technology. Today’s students are used to viewing and hearing things whenever and wherever they want, so your school needs to make sure that your classroom has the tech tools necessary for students to do this efficiently and effectively.

By using technology, teachers can convey their messages more hands-on and entertainingly while also making their lessons more engaging for the students. 

5. Help Students Build Confidence in Themselves 

A great way to make students feel good about themselves is to build confidence in them. Allowing students to prove themselves will allow them to see their value and gain respect for you as a teacher.

6. Be a Good Role Model to Earn Respect

Teaching students how to be good people is as important as teaching them how to do well in school. Being a positive role model for your students will make them want to learn from you and respect you, just like when any kid tries to mimic his or her parents. Being a good role model also helps show your students that hard work pays off, and in this way, they will take pride in their education.

7. Ask Good Questions

Asking good questions will help show your students that you are listening to them and enjoy talking with them. In addition, this will motivate the student to know more about their education in the subject and make them want to do well for you. 


A teacher’s behavior greatly impacts how they interact with their students, especially because most teachers today work in an atmosphere that stresses relationships over teaching ideas. Behavior involves not only what you do but also how you do it. The teaching method refers to how you do your job and convey information to your students so they can learn from you. These are just a few ways teachers can earn respect from their students, but it is a goal for teachers everywhere to gain this respect. Attaining such a high level of respect can be difficult, though.

Teachers must find out what makes students act as they do towards their teacher and respond accordingly. If teachers do not heed these points, they won’t gain their students’ respect. 

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