How teachers can earn extra money during summer vacations

When the summer vacations start, many teachers look forward to taking a break from the classroom, but they don’t necessarily have the summer off. As a result, teachers usually take a second job to earn extra money. Not all teachers work side jobs, but most of them do as they have to save money for a vacation or pay off some bills or debts. Even if you do not have the required skill, there are still so many ways to earn money online and offline. Here are some ways to help you earn money during summer vacations.

Camp counselor

Many parents send their kids to summer camp because they want them to do something productive or learn an extra skill. There are a variety of camps out there that are both education and non-education-based. By working as a camp counselor, you can exercise your skills outside your regular classes, which can benefit you. 

For example, you can work as a sports coach or teach a subject you don’t teach during the year. Also, camps throughout the summer, so try to inquire about open positions and be sure to ask about a paid role, as many of them do volunteering work too. 

Sell your lesson plans

You can write and sell your lesson plans. Take out the worksheets and lesson plans you created during your school hours and upload them to a site that will pay you for the plans. By this, you can earn 60% to 85% on each sale of your lesson plans. Also, this is an opportunity that can help you in bringing extra income throughout the year without any extra work. 


Who’s a better person than a teacher to help the kids with summer assignments? Summer is when students prepare for an entrance exam or any college placement test, so there are many opportunities for you as a tutor. You can also start private online or local tuition as many parents want their child to finish the course before the school finishes. 

Also, this job benefits both the students and teachers as it will give you a chance to work one-on-one on a specific subject. A great thing about tutoring is setting up your rates depending on the subject. 

Freelancing during summer vacations

There are many freelancing job sites available for part-time work in many fields. You can take up a one-time project or something that will continue all summer. So many companies look out for freelance content writers who can do textbook writing or editing in your area of expertise. 

Work in a child care center 

Many child care businesses suddenly see a spike in the number of children during summer breaks. Therefore, they see a need to hire temporary help to look out for the kids. And who other than a teacher can be a perfect fit for this role? A teacher knows how to handle large group learning situations. 

Be a Babysitter or pet sitter during summer vacations

A babysitter looks after the children in the absence of their parents and also informally teaches them along the way. Many camps don’t last as long as a regular school day, which leaves working parents in need of extra help during summer breaks. As a teacher, you are already qualified to offer child care services. Parents usually prefer someone from a teaching background to watch over their children so their kids can continue learning outside the classroom

Also, many families go on extended trips during summers and want someone to watch over and take care of their pets in their absence. You can earn a decent amount of money by looking after your pets. 

Develop and teach a hobby

If you already have a hobby or even if you don’t, you can develop it and teach that hobby to other kids. Teaching is a stressful job with long hours, so allow yourself to do something different in the summer. So many hobbies don’t require any skill but only need your interest in it like cooking and baking, photography courses, creative writing, public speaking, dancing, yoga, etc. So, if you want to make extra money, you can always teach a hobby. 

Working during summer breaks can keep your teaching skills sharp and help you learn new things. There are no shortages of summer jobs for teachers out there. Many of them will give you a good income without long commitments. If you are passionate about teaching and want to reach out to many children across the country during summer breaks, then Classplus is here to help you with it. Get your own app and expand your online coaching business. Connect with us now!

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