How Can Teachers Teach Kindergarten Students About Traffic Rules

Statistics show there are around 1.3 million road accidents every year in India. Many children get killed or maimed because of these accidents. Teachers can play an important role in this regard. They can teach children about traffic rules and best practices while passing them on to other adults. Ensure you only give out information your child can handle on his/her own. Here we will discuss how teachers can teach kindergarten students about traffic rules and ensure their safety on roads.

Creating A Road Map Together for Teaching About Traffic Rules

Teachers can use an old magazine to create a giant map of roads and paths. Students can cut out pictures of cars, people, bicycles, buses, and other vehicles. Stick them in the correct places on the map. Vehicles on roads, people on pavements and in parks! Practice using key road safety words related to what’s in each picture.

Can you see ….? How many ….? What color is the ….? Then stick your giant road onto the wall as part of your road safety display. Make it visible to parents.

Identifying Traffic Sounds

Teachers can help students identify the sound of different vehicles. Students must listen carefully to hear the difference between the sounds of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses. They may also need to distinguish between the sounds of different vehicles. For example, a bus might have a higher-pitched horn than a car.

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Find some road sounds, show children the recordings, and ask them to identify the sound, then say what makes it. Next, make children sit in a circle, listen to each other, and guess the sounds when you play them.

Discuss The Importance of Holding Hands While Teaching About Traffic Rules

Create a huge poster of children’s hands and write “We hold hands” at the top. Display it where both parents and children can see it. Let them know that they should hold hands when they go out together.

Next, draw or create posters of people holding hands and vehicles on the pavement. Discuss how holding hands helps keep children safe. Write road traffic safety slogans for the posters. Display them where parents will see the posters.

Paint An Ambulance

Paint an ambulance with bright colors. Discuss why it is colored this way so people can see it coming and going. Discuss, with appropriate awareness, how the ambulance could be carrying someone who has been hurt on the road. You can help ensure this isn’t happening to you by staying away from roads and wearing something bright enough that drivers will notice you.

Learning About The Wheels

A large room sends an object moving at high speed across the floor. Discuss what happens when objects move quickly. Objects like cars and trucks travel very fast. Cars and trucks can go far faster than the fastest person can run. If you were standing still, a car or truck coming towards you would come right past you.

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But if you were running, the car or truck would appear to pass you by. You would see the car or truck coming towards your face, but then it would disappear behind you.

A Seat Belt Experiment

Use a ribbon to tie a teddy bear into a toy car. Then, place another teddy bear in another toy car without wearing a seatbelt. Carry out experiments using different slopes and obstacles to show that the teddy who does not wear a seatbelt can fall out and get injured.

Sing A Song

Sing a song about road safety using the words stop, walk, pavement, and hold hands while you act out the actions. For example, say “Stop! Walk on the pavement! Hold hands!” Then act out what each word means. Or, if you prefer, you could sing a verse like “Children and adults hold hands, all hold hand, all hold hand,” then act out the actions.

Perform A Play

Write or perform a play about someone getting injured in an accident. What happened? Why did it happen? What choices did the character make that led to the accident? How did the accident affect them? What were the consequences?

Encourage Them To Write Poems Or Songs

Get the younger children to write poems or sing songs about road safety. Ask the older children to perform these for younger children. By doing so, you will be helping reinforce the importance of road safety messages. You can also ask the older children to watch out for younger children.

Have you got any younger siblings? It’s very important for you and your family to always hold hands when crossing the road, and to teach them how to cross the road safely.

Final Thoughts

Children should be taught about road safety at a young age. If they see other kids playing near the road, they should be told not to play there. Older siblings should be taught to look after younger ones and to watch out for them when crossing roads. Parents should be reminded to always hold hands with their children and to keep them safe while crossing roads.

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