How Can Teachers Minimize Gender Bias in Class

As a teacher, when you teach a class full of students, you might make gender bias in class. This is natural. For example, if you see that the girls in your class are doing well in their studies compared to boys, then these females might become your favorite. While doing the task of teaching you have to see that your mind should not accept too much or excess gender bias. Only then can you be ideal teaching professional.

All students of your class deserve the same and equal attention and help. Here it does not matter whether your class students are male or female. When you reduce and leave discrimination on a gender basis, you can make ideal students who will perform well in their studies. Here are ways for you to minimize gender bias in class.

Address your class students in an equal way

When you are keen to remove gender bias in class, you have to address them equally. Take for example instead of using terms like” boys” and “girls” you can use words like “students or “my class.” Never address your class students with pet names like honey, chaps, champ, and buddies.

This is because when you use such names, you are displaying boys to be much tough and girls to be tender in their personality. Instead, use those terms to address your class students with which they might not feel like being discriminated against on a gender basis. 

Never make your class students separated on a gender basis

When you wish to remove gender bias, you must stop separating your class students on a gender basis. Creating separate toilets and bathrooms at school for boys and girls is a bit different issue. It’s ok however when you teach boys and girls separately then this will break the trend of co-education.

Thus, their personality will be blocked from developing when they talk to people of the opposite gender. You have to realize that discriminating on a gender basis can hinder the personality development of your class students.

Greet your students in a pious way

As a teacher, when you want to remove gender bias in education then just talk to your students by addressing and piously greeting them. When you do so, your students will feel much more comfortable on the mental plane. At the same time, greeting your class students never use such terms because other students might feel that they are being discriminated especially when they are of the opposite gender. 

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Keep the same dress code for your class students

While at school you might ponder and think about the best way to remove gender bias in the classroom. In such conditions, you can do many things. For example, you can keep the same school dress code for your students, whether they are boys or girls. However, telling your male and female students to have the same dress code will also symbolize discipline at your school. 

Use those terms that do not show gender discrimination

While teaching your students, you can use those terms that do not display any kind of discrimination based on gender. Here you can use neutral terms like a police officer, doctor, nurse, and lawyer. This will help you to remove gender bias in education.

Final Note

Removing gender bias in class is the assurance of developing the personality of your students no matter if they are boys or girls. When you do so, your students will not feel the vibes of favoritism based on gender discrimination. It has been seen that those teachers who did gender bias, could not achieve the goal of making students score high marks.

For this reason, it is very important to remove bias based on gender in a long way. However, it has been seen that in the case of oral reading of any school chapter or lesson, girls can do well compared to boys. Thus you have to list what boy students can do well and what girl students can do with perfection. 

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