Five Things Teachers Should Say On The First Day Of School

Consider how you want the day to go as school starts, and put yourself in your pupils’ shoes. They won’t want to do the same thing every year like every other teacher. They are unlikely to want to give a presentation about their summer vacation or listen to you droning on about the rules and procedures. Yes, some tasks must be completed each year, but there are methods to complete them while still enjoying the first day! What is it that they say about first impressions? Let’s learn some amazing tips and tricks that you can practice to become your favorite teacher on the first day of School!

  1. Welcome your students.

 You must be prepared to assist and meet your adorable little darlings as they walk down the corridor. This is not the time to catch up with coworkers you haven’t seen since the summer. You need to make these Nervous Nellies feel better, and the best way to do so is with a friendly grin and a warm hello.

  1. Help them around

Show your children where all of the school supplies are kept, and explain to them which places are for them and which are solely for you. New students at the School? Show them around the campus and show them where the bathrooms, gym, and cafeteria are. Teach them how to use the computer lab and how to eat lunch. Add a scavenger hunt, and you’ve got yourself a fun-filled day! If learning about maps is part of your social studies curriculum, now is a wonderful time to lay the groundwork for classroom and school maps.

  1. Set the Goals

Work for them immediately (and all day!). Even on the first day of school, pupils should have something to do as they enter the classroom. This establishes the tone for the rest of the year. They must understand that you get down to business in your classroom and that working (and learning) is a top priority. It’s the first day, so you’re probably thinking, “What am I going to have them do on the first day when they come in?” Why not use a questionnaire to learn more about them, such as an interest assessment, or have them write about their summer (a writing sample!)? Make certain you have lots to do on your first day. On the first day, I always over-planned because I didn’t know how “this group” would move — were they tortoises or hares? You don’t want to be caught off guard with only a few hours to go, as this might lead to classroom management concerns.

  1. Make students Comfortable

Allow your kids to ask you questions in a circle, such as: What is your favorite food? Color? Animal? Candy? Etc. Alternatively, create a quiz and see if they can predict the answers. It’s a fantastic method for your students to learn more about you, a key figure in their lives. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet the students and start creating ties with them. Give each kid a 35 index card on which they can jot down any questions they have. They are even permitted to inquire about me. The inquiries can be stupid and wild at times. It’s fine if not all students have questions. Answer the questions on the cards and tell students about yourself, using artifacts from my youth like report cards, drawings, handwriting, and even images from elementary School. Students want to know about your upbringing and who you are outside of the classroom. It allows them to realize that you, too, have made mistakes and are human!

  1. Quick Reading Time

Create a time for reading on the first day to highlight the value of literacy. If you don’t feel like going to the library just yet, pick a read-aloud – even a picture book that would catch their interest – and simply slow down to enjoy reading. We seek pupils that are enthusiastic about reading and love it. Reading aloud to your students can help them develop a lifelong love of reading. Choose high-quality novels that will calm them down, make them giggle, or boost their self-esteem and team spirit. Kids may fill in the blanks, which increases their vocabulary, and they will understand the tale if it is compelling.

Teachers and students have a close and growing relationship. Don’t let them raffle you instead, ease their nerves by using the right words. Not all students are going to be the same, be patient and learn what works best for your classroom and do those things. As you know, things to say and do depend from teacher to teacher, you will learn to do everything right along the way.

Go ahead and make a great introduction, and those students will love their teacher! As the time changed online teaching came up and to make students feel comfortable, teachers can get help from platforms like Classplus that empowers teachers to get their own app and connect to students and make them feel at ease.

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