The Future of e-learning in India

India is one of the countries in the world that provides a great education system. There are a wide variety of learning opportunities available for the people of India. However, nowadays e-learning has played a major role in Indian education since the pandemic started. At first online learning and online education was new to the students, but now everyone is adapted to it and it has numerous benefits over traditional learning. 

e-learning has now become possible for almost everyone because of the developing technologies and the internet. After 2020, the education system has seen a major shift and so many changes have been adopted. e-learning in India has been introduced because of the impossibility of the students to come out and learn during the pandemic. Let us have a look at the benefits of e-learning in detail.

One-to-One Interaction during e-learning

In online learning, each student gets a chance to speak up. Teachers can spend some extra time with students by creating individual meetups with every student once or twice a week. This will help the teachers to get to know their students individually and provide the required support to their students.

Interaction with fellow Students

Teachers can include some engaging activities among the students and help them to know about each other even in digital learning. Team activities and projects should be given where they can participate and collaborate with their friends and get to know each other better.

Parents and Teacher’s Interaction

Teachers will also get a chance to interact with the parents as they don’t need to come to school and wait for a long time to meet teachers. 

Let us look at some advantages of e-learning and how it is going to bring major changes in the education system. 

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Benefits of e-learning

There are a lot of benefits of online-learning which makes it more suitable for the future. We can see the top advantages of e-learning.

Affordable for everyone

Students who want to study at top universities but couldn’t afford it can benefit greatly from this e-learning. For students who dream to pursue higher education in institutions that are located in other states, e-learning would be a boon for them. 

They don’t need to shift to a different state and travel for hours and hours for their education. They can save on their accommodation and travel costs and time by learning in the comfort of their homes because of this e-learning. You just need a smartphone or laptop and good internet connectivity to pursue your education. 

Students don’t need to pay for study material every year. They can use ebooks and pdfs to learn and save the cost of buying physical books every year. By transforming learning digitally, we can also prevent the wastage of paper. 

E-learning in schools greatly helps the students to get an experience of distance learning and they feel it easy and comfortable in the future when they opt for abroad universities that offer distance learning.

Flexible Learning

Some students fail in education mostly because of the same learning pattern followed by all. Every student has a different capability and requires various periods to complete their tasks.

In e-learning, students can study at their own pace and it assures flexibility in learning. By encouraging the students to learn at their pace, their academic performance could be improved. 

Teachers can also suggest various study materials and references for their students since there are numerous sources available online. Students will also get a chance to pick a material that is suitable for them.

Fast learning technologies 

Students who start their education online will learn about the technologies faster. As they search the internet for references and queries, they would be experienced in using the tools and technologies at a very young age.

E-learning is not only about watching lecture videos online. It also involves online assessment, online assignment/project submission, presentation preparation, etc. which makes the students well aware of the technologies.

Aspects of e-learning in the future

Since online learning has become easier nowadays, utilizing most of it in the future requires some improvements. There is a lot of research done by various universities and researchers on techniques to improve the quality of e-learning. 

  • E-learning would make use of augmented reality and virtual reality to provide live experience to the students and make them learn through gamification methods.
  • Teachers should be well-trained to handle the technologies and manage online learning. Cloud labs should be given to the students to practice hands-on experiments. Online assessments should be established in a proper way that benefits the students. 

E-learning platforms are being transformed to provide a better experience for the students. More technologies and tools are being infused into learning. As we use technology for everything in our lives today, it is essential to continue it for our education also. E-learning has helped us immensely and will continue to do so. Classplus has ensured the growth of your coaching business with your online coaching app by launching unlimited video uploads on your app, marketing dashboard, stats dashboard etc.

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