Do’s And Don’ts During Your First Week of Class

Are you a teacher? Is it your first day of class? Are you excited but a little worried about the first day of class? Don’t know what to do and not in the first week of class? Do you want to make a good impression on your students? Then, this article is for you! Here are listed do’s and don’ts during your first week of class.

The first day of class is always exciting but comes with little anxiety. Whether you are an experienced teacher or a fresher, it gets strenuous when it comes to the first day of class. It can be beneficial to think ahead about what you want students to leave with on the first day of class. Your first impression on students creates an amazing impression on their minds which further in the teaching journey can help you to teach and interact more effectively. 

Do’s during the First Week of Class

Introduce Yourself efficaciously

Students will be eager to know what courses you will be teaching? How qualified are you? How helpful and supportive will you be in this teaching-learning process? Are you strict or friendly? 

On the first day of class, while introducing yourself, you have to keep such significant points in mind. Try to familiarize yourself clearly and concisely. Talk about your subject and courses. Assure them that you will always be there for any kind of help or doubt they have. 

Build an interactive and robust connection with students

You can only leave a good impression and know more about your student when you build a positive and interactive environment in the classroom. A positive conversation between you and your student makes the class more engaging, making it an ideal learning environment. As a result, students are more disciplined and excited to learn. In the first week of class, try to give and conduct activities related to your subject course, which help students to work together as a team and be excited to learn more. Furthermore, such interaction leads to developing a strong positive connection between you and your students.

Motivate to invest more in learning over grades

Today, students are in the race to achieve higher grades in exams. They don’t study to learn but to achieve good marks, and for this, they cram up the words or start preparing the day before the exam. Parents and teachers have kept so many expectations that students often forget the part of learning. On the first day/week of class, motivate and inspire students to invest more in learning. Furthermore, you can give examples relating to the importance of learning and developing skills that make the classroom more engaging. By doing this, students can interact more effectively, and you will create a positive impression in their minds. 

Don’ts during the First Week of Class

Stop Yelling

If in the first week, you start yelling at students, it will make a wrong impression on you. Further creating problems or obstacles in creating healthy interaction among students. Yelling at students seems more annoying, and they will not listen to you. Communicating in a calm and normal tone without shouting makes the teaching and learning process much easier and more effective. In case you have raised your voice, make sure to apologize.

Treat every student equally.

Every student is different, some are confident, and some are shy to even ask doubts. On this basis, if you judge a student’s caliber, it’s wrong. Try to reach out to each student through activities like group discussions, through which you will get an idea if students were able to retain the imparted information or not. On this basis, you can assign different tasks to different students without making them feel unequal. This also further creates a healthy environment and a better relationship between teacher and student

Don’t confuse students by making simple things more complex.

As a teacher, your role is to make complex terms and logic into simpler terms for better understanding. In the first week of class, if you start making simple things more complicated, students will surely not grasp the idea or logic and further create boredom in the classroom. For this, you can use flowcharts or mind maps to simplify concepts instead of just teaching what is dictated in the text leading to boredom. Do prepare your lecture the day before for an effective teaching process. 

The Final Word

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