Different courses you can teach Online

Instead of asking what courses you can teach online, ask yourself what you cannot! The pandemic has moved everyone several paces ahead in the digital sphere. Online education has become the new normal with universities which teach online and various other institutions offering free online courses. Online courses eliminate a lot of barriers when it comes to knowledge. It not only opens doors to classes from all around the world but also provides the opportunity to pursue and manage multiple courses simultaneously. It provides career flexibility at reduced costs and saves time.

From an educator’s perspective, what are the benefits?
  • You get the opportunity to provide personalized learning to follow individual learning curves,
  • Can use technology to your advantage by mixing real world media with lesson plans in form of PowerPoint or memes (that are quite popular these days),
  • Provide greater access to students by giving recorded classes that are more practical to attend, and
  • You stay up to date with the latest trends and technology in e-learning that fosters your professional development. 

Today, you don’t have to be limited to teaching a single subject but can build your brand by having a website/app based platform to teach online. Moreover, several companies/brands in the education field are constantly hiring subject experts to provide video lectures. So, what are some courses you can teach online? Let’s review some popular ones;

Learning methods

What could be easier and more popular than someone helping other educators in the early stages of their careers to learn the nuances of online teaching. You can teach about examining different online teaching and learning methods in terms of their appropriateness for specific settings and learners, and ways of ensuring how classes can be more inclusive and accessible. By providing free courses, not only you will teach but also yourself learn from peers how to design engaging and inspiring online courses successfully.

Language Courses

Teaching a language can be tricky. But with online resources, the course can be a whistle-stop tour of all the key components of language. Teaching methods to learn how to identify different parts of a language, from words up to phrases and sentences, how to compare the same to your native languages, etc. can all be easily done via online classes. In fact, recorded courses for beginners are generally free and very helpful with pronunciation.

Middle School and High School Subject Tuitions

Several teachers provide all subjects online classes to students to further their school education. Subjects like English, Science, and Mathematics are always in demand. Additionally, almost all students look for courses related to their specific field of Commerce, Science, or Arts when completing high school. Delivering these classes online can be very cost-effective as they are a constant need amongst school students. 

Career Coaching

One of the most sought after education courses online is career guidance. Students often look for direction and who better to guide them than them, experts? It is a broad field that is aimed at helping people seek the correct career path. You can learn the strengths and weaknesses of your students and tailor career options according to them.

Programming and Machine Language

Java, C++, Python, etc. are all the rage these days. Hardly any career path doesn’t require the use of different computer languages. Offering free online classes for beginner programs in these domains can prove to be very beneficial. As an educator, you can build strategies to teach via computers and try out various software that will eventually help in making such technical education easier online.

Communication Classes

In the professional world, it is extremely important how you carry yourself. The way you speak and what you speak defines who you are and where you will be placed in the corporate hierarchy. A good course involving basic mannerisms, persuasion techniques, motivation building, polite conversation, etc. can go a long way. Such a course is very easy to be taught online and can also include education for job interviews.

Above mentioned are only some courses that can be taught online, but do not limit yourself. Teaching E-mailing, Microsoft Excel, Humanities, Psychology, and other free courses are creating a lot of buzzes online.

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