Different Activities For Nursery Students

Are you a teacher in a pre-school? Are you facing a challenge in teaching preschool students? Do you want to know more activities that can make your classroom more interesting and interactive? Do you want to develop foundational skills in your students? Here, are listed amazing activities for nursery students which will be beneficial in learning the basics.

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The students who are between three to five are enrolled in preschools. Teaching in preschool demands more effort and patience. Using different hands-on activities for nursery students can make the classroom more fun and engaging. 

Different Activities For Nursery Students

Why are activities necessary for nursery students?

  • Builds self-confidence
  • Builds concentration and focus 
  • Develop fine motor skills 
  • Develop Gross motor skills
  • Increase creativity 

Different activities for nursery students 

Tracing: Build Concentration 

 We often see kids scribbling on the wall or paper. So, why not give them activities which can refine their pre-writing skills and build concentration. Tracing lines, curves and shapes give students some great practice for coordinating their fingers, hands, and wrists as well as strengthening their fine motor skills too. Give them tracing worksheets so that the kid mastered the art of writing and soon be able to learn letter formation too. 

Treasure Hunt: Helps in Problem Solving 

What is a better way for teaching nursery students through fun and games? At such an age of three to five, it is important to develop much-needed skills like problem-solving, communication, and teamwork. A treasure hunt is practical learning in which you have to keep different trays filled with different toys and things. And assign kids to find a treasure (either keep a prize or some reward coins). You can even divide students into groups too. Doesn’t that sound interesting? It ensures student engagement in problem-solving and develops a good team spirit at such an age. 

Vegetable Printing: Brings Creativity

If you want to bring creativity to the students, then do try this activity. Vegetable printing is a fun activity in which you use vegetables like potatoes, lady finger, and onion to make simple but impressive crafts. Bring the chopped vegetables, let kids dip the vegetables in different paints, and then print them on the drawing sheet. It can be a little messy but during the activity, they learn to recognize different vegetables too. You can even try leaf or flower printing too. Such craft activities bring creativity which nurtures mental growth in students.    

Tear and Paste: Develop Fine Motor Skills

 You get an idea of what kind of activity this is about. To make it more interesting you can draw or take a printout of a letter and ask children to tear it and then paste the piece of paper on the letter. It further helps in letter recognition. They can also make different shapes. This activity is easy, innovative, and inexpensive. Tearing paper builds hand strength and improves the ability of hands to work together. Performing such tasks develops fine motor skills and confidence in students

Puzzles: Develops Visual Perception 

 When children are solving the puzzle, their eyes are on each different piece and shape. And this information is sent to the brain to interpret it which helps them to solve the puzzle. You can either give them small puzzles or large floor puzzles. Children can develop good eye-hand coordination by solving puzzles. 

Hopscotch: Develops Gross Motor Skill

Hopscotch is a fun activity that helps students to develop body control. A series of squares are drawn on the ground, marble or stone is thrown within one square, and a child has to hop across to reach it without stepping on the lines. Performing such activity builds muscle strength, and improves balance and coordination. 

Final Thoughts

Above are some interesting activities for nursery students which are essential for their holistic development. Many e-platform like Classplus have made teaching much easier than before. It provides teachers with their website and class management app where they can conduct and manage their classes more easily.

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