CBSE Teacher Training Program

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is conducting free online teacher training program that will help teachers understand how they can gear up their teaching methods and get learning outcome returns. The CBSE teacher training programs are free, and teachers won’t have to pay any fee. Moreover, the teachers will get e-certificates after completing these online courses.

Education is the cornerstone of an egalitarian society. Children and young people in our country will grow into capable and responsible citizens via excellent education that equips them with the necessary mindset, values, knowledge, and skills. But simply attending school won’t be enough to help our kids learn. The quality of the teachers is largely responsible for the efficacy of the educational system, and the quality of teacher preparation plays a significant role in the caliber of teachers. 

The development of its teachers is the mainstay of any educational institution, but Indian universities usually fall short in this area. The need for teachers to acquire excellent professional development is urgent. Indian schools need to do more to support the development of teachers. More than merely specialized expertise is required. Teachers also need to be skilled in several classroom and administrative tasks. 

CBSE General CBPs ( Capacity Building programs) for Teachers

The teacher training programs offered by the CBSE are a very good initiative by the organization to enhance teachers’ abilities by giving them the necessary training, which also enhances the standard of instruction. The Board is committed to providing teachers and administrators with various training programs to improve their knowledge of the curriculum, the method of delivery, and other professional skills.

The Board chooses and develops master trainers and mentors through the cascade mode to guarantee that the advantages of these programs trickle down to all of the teachers and students in the schools. Following is a quick summary of each training program.

Classroom Management

Sessions in the program introduce participating teachers to practical classroom management methods and practices. Thus, it helps them to evaluate their teaching methods and improve them to successfully manage huge classrooms.

Career Guidance

This training program offers sessions to inform teachers of the value of providing career assistance to students. CBSE provides online sessions on the factors affecting career guidance and the evolving nature of the workplace during the training session. Additionally emphasize the abilities to plan group guiding activities and find the most recent career information.

Values Education

Teacher training programs urge teachers to think about the things we value and the definition of values. It contains sessions on instilling values and using a whole school approach to value education.

Life Skills

Teacher training programs conducted by CBSE on life skills include workshops that introduce participants to various life skills, raise awareness that life skills are a fundamental component of several disciplines, and inspire teachers to put their attention on promoting these life skills.

Gender Sensitivity

There are many different programs conducted for teachers to improve teaching skills, but it is one of the most important ones to know and make students aware of gender respect. In addition, it offers advice to teachers on how to be sensitive to gender. In addition to other measures include:

  • Training on gender-sensitive teaching pedagogy.
  • Employing gender-sensitive teaching materials.
  • Setting up a gender-sensitive classroom atmosphere.

Adolescent Education

Adolescents education can express their opinions and views about adolescence and adolescents, describe different aspects of a school that make it a child-friendly school, consider the needs and concerns of adolescence, recognize peer pressure in children.

Educate them about it, as well as describe physical, psychological, ethical, lifestyle, and context-related differences. The course is packed with interactive lessons designed to prepare teachers to handle a range of difficulties involving adolescents.

Stress Management

CBSE conducts a one-day online training course on stress management and assists teachers in recognizing the various stressors in their life and comprehend the effects of stress. Teachers are anticipated to develop behavioral flexibility to better handle stressful situations and knowledge of various stress-reduction techniques through active group discussion and brainstorming. In addition, it develops personal objectives for self-care and envisages post-CBP peer assistance for stress management through self-assessment and experiential learning.

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Redesigned Assessment Framework

This training program for teachers includes sessions that represent the overall structure of the redesigned assessment structure, activities related to periodic tests, notebook submission, and subject enrichment, tasks like preparation of question papers for periodic tests and framing of simple rubrics for notebooks, etc. Additionally, teachers are included in discussions about work education, health, and physical activity through embedded sessions on co-scholastic subjects and documentation.


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