The Best Digital Boards for Online Teaching

Having a great digital board for teaching is key to making online teaching fun and engaging. In the world of virtual classrooms, these boards are like magic canvases. They let teachers write, draw, and show ideas live, just like they’re right there with you.

Digital board for classroom are a hit, especially with the tech-loving younger crowd. They’re not just cool; they make teaching and learning smoother and more interactive.

So, what exactly are these digital boards? Let’s dive in and check out the top picks for digital boards for teaching that make online teaching a breeze.

What are Digital Boards?

Digital boards are the most important component of an online teacher’s classroom arrangement. These are interactive whiteboards with advanced technological tools that help educators and content creators to teach students.  

Why choose a digital board for online teaching?

Digital boards for teaching are large display boards that can connect to a computer or a tablet through wired connections easily. Teachers can present their lessons more dynamically and interactively by facilitating features like touch recognition, digital markings, real-time editing, content sharing, and much more. 

A digital board for online teaching ensures more engaging and collaborative learning as well as teaching experience. With these boards, teachers can make lessons more visually appealing for their students and make the lectures more engaging.

Features to Look for When Buying a Digital Board

digital board for online teaching

Before buying a digital board for online teaching needs, you must look for a few features in your digital board, such as:

1. Resolution

The best resolution to choose for is 4K resolution which is sharp and detailed. Choose a screen that suits the dimensions of the room you have selected for conducting your online classes. A good resolution screen will ensure clarity so that your students can engage better with your content. 

2. Connectivity Options

Look for a range of connectivity features, such as HDMI, USB, and Wi-Fi, to ensure compatibility with various devices and easy access to online content.

3. Durability and warranty

Look for a digital board for teaching that can withstand heavy use. Also, consider the warranty period of the digital board to keep your investment protected. 

4. Collaboration features

Moreover, your digital board should have collaboration features like screen sharing, remote access, cloud storage, etc. to enhance learning and participation.

5. Flexibility 

The digital board for teaching and learning should be able to switch between different operating systems. This provides the freedom to opt for the environment that is suitable for the requirements whether it is running on specific applications or preferred tools.

List of Top Digital Boards for Teaching

digital board for teaching

1. MAXHUB Digital Interactive Panel Digital Board

This digital board for teaching online supports wireless casting and includes built-in speakers for seamless communication as well as an immersive music. Its interactive capabilities allow teachers to scribble with an electromagnetic pen or even your fingers, to make lessons more engaging and lively for your students. 

  • 75-inch LED display with high-quality visuals
  • Powerful 7th generation CPU as well as 8 GB RAM for optimal performance
  • Wireless casting for easy connectivity
  • Inbuilt speakers for immersive audio experience
  • Interactive touch functionality with an electromagnetic pen and finger input
  • Support for various teaching aids such as graphs, charts, tables, and images

Price: ₹1,83,000 –  ₹3,95,000

2. BenQ Wireless Smartboard

BenQ’s digital board for teaching online is the ideal tool for engaging project-based learning experiences, thanks to its user-friendly interface and impressive capabilities. It comes with built-in wireless screen mirroring and casting features. This board is not only technologically innovative but it is also created with teachers’ as well as students’ well-being in mind. 

  • Ideal for project-based learning.
  • Germ-resistant and protects against harmful blue lights
  • Cloud storage and MS Office compatibility
  • Handwriting recognition as well as video recording features
  • 75-inch panel with two 16W speakers for immersive audio

Price: ₹175000 – ₹2,05,000

3. BRIOTOUCH Digital Board for Teaching

It is a remarkable technology that transforms conventional lectures into interactive learning experiences – and will take your teaching to new heights. This digital screen provides maximum visibility and durability thanks to its level 7 anti-glare, anti-scratch, and anti-collision qualities.

  • Web content is streamed in real time for enhanced education.
  • Collaboration across several devices for improved teamwork as well as engagement
  • Wireless casting capabilities provide for simple connectivity.
  • Built-in speakers of high quality for an immersive audio experience

Price:  ₹149999 –  ₹1,60,000

4. LG Interactive Panel

This digital board for classroom is designed to improve the teaching experience by providing a variety of features that will take your sessions to new heights. Connectivity and navigation are a snap thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi hub and user-friendly interface. 

The pen enables fluid writing, and the one-touch erase feature makes editing and corrections a breeze. These features make it one of the best online digital boards for teaching.

  • Collaboration across several devices for improved interaction
  • Save and share annotations with students Excellent touch performance for smooth operation
  • Visual clarity that is second to none for colorful and compelling imagery
  • 75-inch display panel for an immersive educational environment

Price: ₹1,19,000 – ₹2,10,000

5. Promethean ActivPanel Digital Board

The Promethean ActivPanel is a fantastic interactive digital board for teaching online. Educators can engage students in interactive learning experiences using its touch and pen input possibilities. The powerful program includes a variety of tools as well as resources for developing engaging classes and activities. 

  • Touch and pen input possibilities are available on the interactive display.
  • Dependable software for interactive teaching and activities
  • A wide range of instructional materials as well as resources are available.
  • Built-in speakers provide a rich audio experience.
  • Wireless networking allows for easy content sharing.

Price: ₹1,50,000 – ₹4,00,000


In conclusion, finding the right digital board for online teaching means looking at size, how clear the picture is, how you can interact with it, and how it connects to other devices. Whether you need something budget-friendly or a top-quality digital screen board for teaching, the goal is to pick one that fits your teaching needs and price range, making teaching and learning better and easier for everyone. Happy teaching!

Best Digital Boards for Online Teaching FAQs

Q1. What is the price of a smart board?

A1. The price of a smart board in India can vary widely based on the specifications and features. Prices can range from approximately INR 37,000 for basic models to over INR 3,75,000 for advanced, feature-rich models.

Q2. What is the price of a smart board 75 inches?

A2. For a 75-inch smart board, the prices in India typically range from INR 1,50,000 to INR 5,25,000, depending on the features, brand, as well as the technology.

Q3. How do I choose a digital board for teaching?

A3. When choosing a digital board for teaching, prioritize size, resolution, interactive features, software compatibility, and connectivity options.

Q4. How heavy are smart boards?

A4. The weight of a digital screen board for teaching can vary. On average: 
– Small smart boards (around 55 inches) typically weigh between 18 to 30 kg.
– Medium-sized boards (around 65 to 75 inches) can weigh between 40 to 60 kg.
– Larger boards (85 inches and above) might weigh upwards of 70 kg to 120 kg.

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