A Deep Dive Into Best Digital Boards for Online Teaching

The pandemic has forced many classrooms to opt for online teaching. Even before this, digitization of education had made the chalk and duster blackboards obsolete. Digital boards not only resonate more with the current tech-savvy ‘gen Z’, but their interactive features also help the teacher deliver the lesson efficiently. 

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If you are an online tutor, digital boards are the most important feature of your class setup. Online teaching not only helps you to break the barriers of geography, but it also helps you as well as your student with the flexibility of time. With virtual teaching here to stay, you can get all the tips you want for your online classroom easily.

Most private schools boast of digital boards in their classrooms. More interestingly, however, even tutorials going for online teaching are making greater and better use of these digital boards. So, let’s learn all about digital boards.

Top Reasons To Choose Digital Boards

Gone are the chalk and duster days. Nowadays, digital boards have replaced the old-aged blackboards. They’re the most essential tool for online teachers. 

  • They make the work of online tutors easy. If remote teaching is your profession, digital boards are a must.
  • Its ability to combine images, videos, and websites and project them on a big screen captures the attention of your student which is difficult when you are just delivering lectures.
  • It helps you to bring practical application to your online teaching.
  • They are the most important setup to lend a professional look to your virtual teaching platform.

You will find digital boards of umpteen brands, from global to local. But, how do you choose the best among the rest? We bring to you a comprehensive comparison of the best brands available to help you make an informed decision.

List Of Top Digital Boards

1. MAXHUB Digital Interactive Panel

  • It comes with a 75-inch screen with an LED display. With a 7th generation CPU and 8 GB RAM, you can be sure of power-packed performance. 
  • The MAXHUB digital board supports wireless cast and comes with inbuilt speakers. 
  • You can scribble on it by using its electromagnetic pen and your fingers as well! 
  • You can plan your lesson and make use of graphs, charts, tables, images, and other audiovisual aids for the effective delivery of your lesson. 
  • The MAXHUB digital panel will cost you around INR 2,20,000.

2. BenQ Wireless Smartboard

  • It is one of the most user-friendly digital boards available in the market for remote teaching. 
  • This board comes with wireless screen mirroring and casting features inbuilt. The 4K UHD BenQ digital board is the best option available for STEAM and similar project-based learning experiences. 
  • It even boasts of being germ resistant and protection from harmful blue lights that cause eye strain.
  •  It is cloud storage compatible and is also compatible with MS Office. 
  • It also has handwriting recognition, video recording, and multi-device collaboration features. 
  • The BenQ duo window feature helps you to run two applications at the same time. So, you can have your whiteboard open in one window and some video or web-based content in another. 
  • There are two 16W speakers installed in it which enables a better sound experience. 
  • The 75-inch panel will cost you INR 1.98 Lakhs.


  • This level 7, anti-glare, anti-scratch, and anti-collision digital panel helps you transform your mundane lectures into interactive learning experiences. 
  • This finger-friendly board boasts all premium features that its competitors have to offer like seamless streaming of web content, multi-device collaboration, wireless cast, and good inbuilt speakers. 
  • The BrioTouch flat interactive panel is pocket friendly as well. It comes for INR 1.75 Lakhs only.

4. LG Interactive Panel

  • This is the perfect digital panel for effective presentations and online teaching. 
  • It has a built-in Wi-Fi hub and a very user-friendly interface.
  •  You can write with the stylus but it gives you a one-touch erase feature. 
  • A zooming facility is available in this smartboard and multi-device can collaborate at the same time. 
  • The annotations can be saved and shared with your students to help them in making notes. I
  • It has an outstanding touch performance and the best visual clarity. 
  • The 75-inch LG Smartboard panel costs INR 2.15 Lakhs.
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Besides the above-mentioned brands, there are some locally available digital boards too, that come decked up with some premium features that these branded digital boards boast of.

The Final Word

Your choice of a digital board for your virtual teaching will depend on your budget and needs. Undoubtedly, one is spoiled for choice when coming to get one of these smartboards. We hope that we have helped you in reaching a wise decision. For making your online teaching experience incredible for you as well as your students, you can connect with Classplus and take a free demo to know more!