Best Alternatives For Zoom In Teaching

Zoom is a video conferencing program that has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. In this new world order of isolation and social alienation, the urge to connect with peers, colleagues, family, and friends is critical. This also requires that people work from home and students take virtual classrooms to go about their daily lives. Zoom allows up to 100 people to participate in group video calls. Because of Zoom’s privacy difficulties, larger groups are looking for alternatives for zoom app. There is no one-size-fits-all alternative for Zoom App, as you can see from the range of other solutions available; it all depends on your circumstance, budget, class size, and special features.

If you truly want to make a move to online teaching, you should consider developing an online course as a more permanent, long-term business strategy for sharing your knowledge with the world. 

Here Are Some Alternatives For Zoom App In Teaching Online

Conferencing via Skype

This isn’t a complete classroom solution, but it can cover the need for video conferences in the classroom on occasion. You don’t need an account or to download the app (though you may, of course) — you don’t even need to be signed in, unlike with conventional Skype. You can simply utilize the web client or, in more human terms, click the link for your meeting and join directly from your desktop browser.

This may be useful for classes or if they want to know who is on each call. Another advantage is that, now that it’s owned by Microsoft, it has superior security and interaction with other Microsoft products and platforms.


  • HD video and audio calling
  • Screen Sharing
  • Easy call recordings and subtitles 
  • Rating is 4.3 
  • Private conversation and smart messaging

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool developed by Microsoft

Microsoft’s Teams collaboration technology is another alternative for Zoom App for schools. Especially because your school can sign up for free right now, it’s part of Office 365, so it works with all of the other tools you might already have: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel — and they’re all free for educators and classrooms right now. I like that they provide a lot of distance learning-specific advice, such as how to keep your system safe and strategies for keeping students involved and motivated. 


  • Meetings and calls
  • Storage of documents
  • Chat functions
  • Teams and channels 
  • Rating is 4.3 

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Students, teachers, and clients can use this online meeting platform for audio and video conferencing as an alternative for the Zoom app. This program also comes with administrative and sketching tools, as well as mouse sharing. The transcribing feature can be used to record meetings for teaching. Time and group size restrictions apply to the free version. Time constraints can be lifted for a fair charge. 


  • Customize backgrounds
  • Presenters control
  • Meeting drawing tools
  • Easy conferencing 
  • Screen sharing
  • Rating is 4.2


Edsys is an easy online video conferencing application used by many teachers to conduct their online classes. On this app, both live and recorded classes can be taken. It has multiple features such as one-on-one chats, screen sharing, group chats, and many other features with added resources. It works on all operating systems such as Android, iOs, web, etc.


  • Wide network for working
  • Cloud based e-learning system
  • User friendly UI
  • Customized plan

It is a great application for online classes for smaller groups of people, such as less than 12 people. It’s free-to-use and end-to-end encrypted, which allows your conversations and information to be highly secured. It has no limits of use and thus works on both wi-fi and cellular data. It is available for Android, web, and iOs.


  • Easy screen sharing
  • Easy making calls with a dialer pad
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Rating is 4.5

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is a premium tool to use as an alternative for zoom. It has many great features, such as in-built call-in audio, Separate section for remote working teams. Cisco Webex works on the web, Android, and iOs systems. It has different plans to work with that allow unlimited meeting time with 100 users, a package for 200 users, etc. 


  • Free video calls and web sharing
  • Team collaborations
  • Easy presentation
  • Rating is 4.2

Zoho Meeting 

This app is the correct alternative for zoom app with similar features and capabilities. This app is not required to be downloaded and works on desktop, mobile, Android, and iOs platforms. It charges as per the number of people in the meeting or in the webinar. It has some extra features like meeting reminders, system control, and scheduling.


  • Secure meetings
  • Works efficiently on remote work
  • Easy collaborations
  • Rating is 4.5

Jitsi Meet

It is an end-to-end encrypted application that has no limit to participants in any meeting. Zoho meeting does not require you to create an account or download the application. It has features like video conferencing, screen sharing, and controlled conference rooms. It can operate on windows, Android, iOs, and Linux.


  • Password rooms for meetings 
  • Live streaming conference meeting 
  • Screen Sharing
  • Rating is 4.1

Google Meet

It is a Google application and only requires a google account. It has a capacity of 100 participants with or without a google account for a time period of one hour. 


  • Quick messaging
  • Automated recording and storage features
  • Works on all devices
  • Rating is 4.4

 Blue Jeans 

An alternative for zoom app for online tutoring with cloud storage and high-quality streaming. The platform charges according to the needs of the individual, and the platform is easy to use on both desktop and mobile. There are different plans according to the number of participants required in the meeting. 


  • High video and audio quality
  • Productivity features
  • Security tool kit
  • Rating is 4.3


The Big Blue Button is an application specially designed for teachers. It has so many features that can help teachers to improve the online classroom experience for students. Features like chats, presentations, videos, and in-built polling, such special features help teachers to teach online more effectively. It is not a free application, there is no restriction on the number of people in a session, but the session only lasts for one hour. 


  • Pre-meeting tools
  • Content. Annotation
  • Easy audio and video recording
  • Interactive Features
  • Rating is 4.1


Whereby is a browser-based application. It is a video-calling application that can be used to create rooms, and they can be kept locked when not in use. Using the lock feature helps to avoid any intrusion during the session. It has both a paid and free version. In the free version, you can have a free session and only one chat room with a maximum of four members, but in the paid version, the number of people and chat rooms can be increased.


  • Analytics & Insights.
  • Integrations & Extensibility.
  • Customizations and collaborations
  • Rating is 4.6


Webroom has possible features for teachers to use in their online classroom. It allows teachers to use digital whiteboards, present presentations, screen sharing, and Google Docs and Youtube links can be shared and watched together. It is a free application and can work on both desktop and mobile. 


  • Knowledge management 
  • Mobile forms automation
  • Headless CMS
  • Rating is 4.2

 This alternative for zoom app is not free but can accommodate 100 participants in one. Hopin is best suitable for high-grade students who require more interaction time with teachers. It has similar features, such as video conferencing, podcasts, workshops, etc. 


  • Easy and accurate statistics
  • Cloud-based platform 
  • Easy tracking and scheduling 
  • Rating is 4.4

Intermedia Anymeeting

An application with great features that can really help teachers to make their online classroom engaging and fun. It is a cloud-based service that includes VoIP and PBX system capabilities. It allows the users to schedule meetings and even customize the meeting URLs. The major feature of this app is that it has unlimited cloud storage, recording, and transcription of meetings. 


  • Custom branding 
  • Meeting transcripts 
  • Easy to manage 
  • Rating is 4.3

 Final Thoughts

Zoom App is widely used for conducting online classes, webinars, and meetings. But there are various alternatives for Zoom App that have good features and can put more features in creating engaging and fun online classrooms. So if you wanna find a better alternative for your online classes and wish to expand your online coaching business, then Classplus is here to help. Get your own app with customized features made just for you. Reach out to a larger number of students across the country. To know more, connect now!

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Best Alternatives For Zoom In Teaching FAQs

Q1. Is Zoom best for online teaching?

A1. Zoom is being used by numerous online educators and educational institutions. It has great features and can be used easily. 

Q2. Which is the most used app by teachers?

A2. The most used app by teachers to teach online is Google classroom. It allows teachers to share notes and assignments, keeping a record of all, and allows them to create results on the app.

Q3. What social media platform do teachers use most?

A3. The most used social media platform by teachers is Facebook.

Q4. What is a digital platform in education?

A4. A digital platform in education enables teachers to help students get more interactive and engaging learning experiences. 

Q5. What makes a good e-learning platform?

A5. A good e-learning platform is focused on student engagement and the benefit of the learner.