9 Easy Methods To Increase Your Network

You probably depend on the internet to communicate with coworkers, friends, and family. Not everyone’s home has a strong network signal. Although this is particularly true in rural regions, weak network strength is a problem everywhere. They frequently afflict city dwellers as well because of the physical barriers that prevent mobile signals from reaching their phones. How to improve the connectivity of their network is the biggest headache most work-from-home people face. Do you want to increase your network strength? Below are nine suggestions to increase your network strength. 

9 Easy Methods To Increase Your Network

Run a speed test

You may have slow Wi-Fi for a variety of reasons, so it’s wise to start with troubleshooting to know your network. Perform an internet speed test to know your network and check what kind of internet speeds the router is experiencing. If you’re not getting at least 5 Mbps speed, there might be a problem with your ISP. If the speed you’re receiving doesn’t correspond to the package you purchased, get in touch with your ISP for a network boost. On the other hand, if you’re receiving the speed that your plan calls for, but it still seems slow, you might need to change to a faster internet plan.

Use the 5 GHz band

When utilizing a dual-band or triple-band Wi-Fi network, you should try to avoid using the 2.4GHz frequency and always use the 5GHz band to boost your network. Your phone, laptop, tablet, and TV should all be linked through 5GHz to make use of the substantially faster bandwidth it offers, although many smart home gadgets can only use the slower 2.4GHz band. To determine which Wi-Fi band you are utilizing, check the Wi-Fi settings on each of your devices. Then, you should let the gadgets select the optimal frequency on their own.

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Position your router in the right place 

If your router passed the speed test, but your Wi-Fi is slow or frequently goes out, it may simply be placed incorrectly. Wi-Fi signals have problems passing through dense objects, and some obstructions, such as brick walls, metal appliances, and areas with a lot of water like fish tanks, completely block the signal. Your Wi-Fi router has the best chance of network boost without any obstructions, and it is generally ideal for locating in a central area with plenty of open space.

Update your router

Is the router you use current? Its performance may be severely hampered if its firmware hasn’t been updated recently. Few routers can update their firmware automatically. Hence, to boost your network, check if the firmware can be updated using the router’s mobile app or by logging into its control panel. Check your user manual for how to increase network, as the procedure may be particularly difficult if your router is older.

Switch to the right channel

When transmitting the Wi-Fi signal, your router likely has several channels to pick from. There are other channels inside the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. While most routers set a certain channel by default for each band, there are occasions when those channels are extremely busy, which might cause your Wi-Fi to lag. To increase your network, switch to the right channel.

Limit the number of users

A large number of users or devices utilizing your internet may be straining your Wi-Fi. It’s entirely conceivable that neighbors are connecting to your network and using your bandwidth if you aren’t protecting your Wi-Fi network with a secure password. If that’s the case, you should immediately reset the password to increase the network and make sure it’s a strong one using the router’s mobile app or admin control panel.

Add extenders

It’s always best to replace your router as a final resort. A new router can be expensive, and setting one up so that all of your gadgets can connect to the network takes a lot of effort. You could wish to add a few Wi-Fi extenders if your home is very big and your router isn’t yet outdated. These are small, inexpensive gadgets to expand your network, increasing the coverage area inside your home.

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Use a mesh network

Instead of a single router, mesh routers often consist of two or three components that you connect in various rooms of the house. As a result, mesh technology routers are the best because they work together to expand your network for a far wider coverage area than a regular router can to improve network connection.

Get an external antenna.

Unbelievably, the antenna on your router is located inside the device, out of sight. The drawback of these built-in antennas is that they are often less powerful than external ones and cannot be changed. Fortunately, you can improve the network connection of most routers by attaching an additional antenna to them. You could already have the extra antenna with your purchase, but if not, there are many of them available on Amazon for network improvement.

To Wrap Up

Internet facilities network improve, today are as important as water and electricity. This is especially true for students and teachers. With technology-integrated education becoming the new normal, teachers are more dependent on ISPs to improve connectivity for their teaching and classroom management needs. If you are an online teacher, Classplus can help you create a customized teaching app for your teaching and administrative needs.

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