7 Ways To Help Keep Your Passion For Teaching Alive

What do you enjoy most about teaching? Perhaps it’s meeting students who have slipped between the gaps. Perhaps it is getting children outside to enjoy nature. What would your school day look like if you could spend more time doing what you enjoy? How does that fit with the realities of your present school? Here are 7 Ways To Help Keep Your Passion For Teaching Alive.

Isn’t teaching already difficult enough? Why try something new? Teaching is taxing, especially the aspects we can’t avoid, such as marking papers, attending staff meetings, and preparing kids for yet another standardized exam. However, we may extend ourselves and revitalize our jobs by focusing on what drives our teaching interests.

Keep in mind what makes you happy while teaching

Focusing on the good might sometimes be all required to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit. If you’re having a horrible day at school, remember everything that makes you happy. It might be a very thoughtful or sensitive parent or a nice student. We all have a coworker we can go to for advice or just to hear some amusing gossip. Keep a distinctive “go-to” self-care incentive at your workstations, such as a pleasant-smelling lotion or essential oils, to help you get back on track.

Isn’t it difficult enough to teach? Why experiment with something new? Yes, teaching is demanding, particularly the things we can’t ignore”, such as grading papers, attending staff meetings, and preparing students for yet another standardized exam. However, by concentrating on what

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Put things into context 

As a teacher, the first school I worked at had a lovely yard outside my classroom door where I could take the kids to play, dig in the dirt, engage with nature, and simply enjoy the fresh air. Outdoor learning became an essential component of my curriculum. The school then underwent building. The lack of outside time made me irritable and “uninspired.”

Experiment with something new

Have you ever wanted to attempt mindfulness in the classroom, for yourself or your children? Consider combining music and language arts to reinforce literacy topics. Give it a go! Applying yourself to a new pursuit will fill your void with enthusiasm and energy. Get your class and pupils interested by asking them about their personal life and initiating an old-fashioned “show and tell.”

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Reorganize your workplace for teaching

Redesign your classroom for yourself and your students! You may also work with the kids on furniture configurations, color schemes, seating, and other details! Allow them to contribute by creating a theme. They may plan out the classroom, make decorations, and even designate “areas” to exhibit work they are proud of. This minor change may significantly impact the overall tone of your learning environment.

Research, your hero

Read a book, a piece of literature, or even a speech or interview by an educator or leader who inspires you to rekindle your passion for teaching. Anne Sullivan, Maya Angelou, and Fred Rogers are a few of our favorites. Hearing their words of wisdom may provide the impetus you require to discover your passion.

You should never stop being a student

Professional development is one thing, but when was the last time you looked for a continuing education course that genuinely piqued your interest? Fortunately, the internet is teeming with free webinar sessions on specialist topics that may interest you. So think beyond the box and investigate a topic you intend to learn more about.

Be a volunteer

We understand that as a teacher, you already perform a lot of volunteer work. But, sometimes, doing good on your own time and in other surroundings may be just what you require. For example, participate in a local park cleaning that helps local children, or organize a book drive to assist a needy school or teacher (other than yourself!). There is no greater feeling than giving back!


Sometimes all it takes to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul is to focus on the positive. If you’re having a bad day, try to recollect everything that makes you happy at school. It may be a thoughtful or compassionate parent or an especially lovely student. We all have a coworker we can go to for help or simply funny gossip. To help you get back on track, have a unique “go-to” self-care reward at your desks, such as a pleasant-smelling lotion or essential oils. 

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