7 Best ERP Software for Education in 2022

ERP means enterprise resource planning which helps large organizations to manage their operations within a single system. Education ERP software is a software that is a solution for the school management system. It allows you to manage all administrative work such as admission, attendance, transportation, and business operations such as human resources, accounting, fee payment, and finance from a single place. 

Education ERP software solutions consist of modules designed to help schools and educational institutions. Choosing the best ERP software for educational institutions is one of the most important things to do. There are hundreds of ERP software out there in the market, so it can be quite difficult to choose the best system.

Therefore, 2022 is the right year to pull the assets together and be updated with the best ERP software for educational institutes. So, here are the 7 best ERP software for educational institutions from which you can choose:


It is an ERP software that is an enterprise-level campus management solution. It is developed with open-source technologies for web and mobile platforms that target specific roles on campus. This software provides great solutions for its clients such as student information systems (SIS), learning management, analytics, mobile applications, functionalities involved in a virtual classroom, tools needed for outcome-based education, and more. 


This software develops solutions and services for higher education institutions like colleges and universities. It offers features such as an intuitive UI, end-to-end functionality, flexible technologies on the cloud, and streamlined implantation services and integrations. In addition, its banner suite includes finance, students, financial aid, and human resources solutions. 


The school ERP software of fedena is designed to help educational intuitions manage their daily academic and administrative tasks from a single platform. Its core module has 22 features for admission, management, messaging system, HR, student management, SMS, timetable management, student IDs, mobile learning, school calendar, and a dashboard for teachers, students, parents, and other staff. The pricing is divided into three-tier so an educational institute can provide all the tools and software needed by the team. 

Focus Softnet

It is a type of global software that works with clients and provides them with ERP, HCM, and CRM solutions. The education ERP solution of this software consists of integrated modules that enable the users to increase productivity, streamline processes, automate workloads, store records and meet business needs. The custom modules include business intelligence, financial management, human resource, CRM, contract management, etc. 


This web-based and global mobile app works with schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. It is highly equipped to help users streamline communication and resource management with 40 modules covering financial, inventory, inquiry, transport, reports, HR, and other needs. It also includes a student information system, coaching class software, a learning management system, etc. 

Oracle Education and Research

This software is a cloud-based ERP software that includes functionalities that are geared toward higher education, primary and secondary education, and also research institutes. Cloud is an innovative tool that lets you manage and access account balances online. So, the cloud solution helps you realize business goals with less investment. The solution this software provides is designed to help the users to optimize campus operations, customize the student’s experience, improve financial insights, manage sensitive data, streamline complex research projects, analyze large data sets and predict the needs of the students, faculty, and campus.  

Tyler Technologies

This software is designed in such a way that it meets the needs of companies that serve educational institutions. The school ERP software provides users with financial, facility, and human capital tools to make strategic decisions for their school. These features help the school plan for the future, operate with pre-defined budgets, manage employees, achieve organizational goals, and optimize student achievements. 

Doing a business and meeting the customer’s expectations is a very complex process. 

Final Note

There are so many business operations that need software to run smoothly. ERP software solutions integrate and automate the workflows smoothly by eliminating the need for you to get your hands into the key business systems. Also, they are not expensive either. Many software offers decent pricing as many offer you to pick and pay for only the features you need. 

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