5 Ways Teachers Can Help Students With Exams

Every teacher faces difficult days trying to keep their students engaged in the material they are teaching. But, there are a few ways teachers can help their students prepare for upcoming exams. This article will share five ways teachers help students with exams.

  • 1. Teachers Help Students Avoid Distractions

In any classroom, there will be disturbances. When teachers help students avoid distractions, they can greatly increase the chance their students will study and get ready for an upcoming exam. There are some distractions, such as phones, but more so, there are the other students in the class who may not be taking the class seriously. A teacher can help a student by telling his/her class a few days before an exam that they need to put away anything that could distract them from studying.

 For example, if a teacher knows there is a test on Friday, they might say something like, “Everyone needs to put their phones away because I don’t want Anyone distracted tomorrow. There will be a test Friday, so everyone needs to study.” By making this announcement in class one day ahead of time, the students who are distracted by the phones know that the teacher is serious about the phone policy and may turn off their phones for the rest of the class or at least for a set amount of time before an exam.

  • 2. Teachers Help Students With Study Material

If some material is being covered in class that will be on an upcoming exam, teachers should let their students know what they need to know and what they don’t need to know. Students may not always understand what they are studying, but a teacher can help them by talking to them about it in class. 

For example, if there is a quiz coming up on a unit of study, the teacher can say something like, “Anyone who wants to study their material can go over to the computer lab during class time. If you need more time to finish your work, leave the classroom and come back when you are finished.”

 By letting students know ahead of time what they need to know and what they don’t need to know in detail, students will be able to study as much as they want without having any major questions. This will help students feel more confident in their upcoming exams.

  • 3. Teachers Use Examples to Get the Point Across

Students may understand the material and know-how to apply it but still not be sure about an upcoming exam. Teachers help students by using examples that they can relate to. For example, maybe a teacher will point out a few examples from previous tests and say, “I’ve seen a few problems on previous tests that were really similar to our current one. I just want you to be aware of them.” This will help students see what questions are being asked and also how to apply the information they are studying. This can help students feel more confident in their exams.

  • 4. Teachers Help Students Take Advantage of Extra Time

If a teacher knows there is an upcoming exam, they may have some extra time in class to help their students study and prepare. A good example of this is if a teacher is going over material that will be on an upcoming exam. If the topics are on the exam, then the teacher can say something like, “I want you to go over these topics and get them into your head. These are the main parts I want you to remember for your test.” 

This way, students know what to study for the test and will not have any questions about what they need to know for that test. The extra time in class can also help students that day. If a teacher is not sure what will be on an upcoming exam, then they have time to review all the material from the entire year, so students will have nothing to worry about.

  • 5. Teachers Help Students with Exam Anxiety

If a student has anxiety about taking an upcoming exam, teachers are there to help them deal with it. A teacher can go over the material with a student and explain the things that he or she needs to know for the test. Not only do they explain what they need to know, but they also explain how to answer it and why it’s correct or incorrect. 

But, the major way a teacher helps students with anxiety is by saying something like, “Don’t worry about taking the exam. You have been preparing for this all year. Just relax and have fun.” By saying this, teachers help students become less nervous and more confident leading up to their exams. This can really help students perform better on their upcoming exams.

Final Word

All of these ways teachers help students with exams will help them to get a good grade on it, or on any test for that matter. Teachers can be a great source of information for most topics that are being studied in class because they want their students to succeed in the classroom. 

If their students are doing well, they will be able to get good grades in class and on any upcoming exams they take. There are a lot of different ways teachers help students with exams, and by using these ways, teachers can help their students with all types of exams. To manage the exams in the best way possible, get onto classplus and manage everything at the tip of your hands with the help of your own app. Get to know more.

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