5 Money Making Ideas for teachers this summer

Summer break is one of the longest breaks in a school calendar. With the new session starting just after the summer holidays, the long summer vacation is not exactly the free time for teachers. Some teachers even have to take extra classes. However, we do have some extra time in hand. And what better use of time than to make money. 

If you are looking for money-making ideas this summer, you are at the right place. Here we shall talk about five brilliant ideas to make money. What’s more, you can use your existing skills, experience, and resources to monetize your time. Let’s dive in!

Create fun series

Come summer break, and kids are inundated with summer holiday projects. The projects though initially meant to keep kids busy during the holidays, are a bit too much for many kids and their parents. You can take extra classes to help kids in getting the summer holiday assignments done and get paid in the process. As a teacher, you already know many kids. Create a group of all such kids who need help with their holiday homework. Invite them to your place, have fun getting involved in their school activities, and earn while having the fun. Cool, isn’t it?


Summer is a time when many parents are looking out for workshops or summer camps so that their kids can learn a new skill. You can cash in on this opportunity by conducting different workshops. For example, if you are a language teacher, you can conduct workshops and sell courses on public speaking or creative writing. If you are conversant in a foreign language, you can have a small crash course sort of beginner-level workshop. It depends upon you how you can monetize the skill you have. With a little bit of creativity and research, you can come up with some great workshop ideas to earn some extra income this summer. 

Bridge classes

Not all students can grasp all the concepts being taught at school. Consequently, they develop some learning gaps. You, as a subject matter expert, can help these students to plug in their learning gaps. Observe what topic is the most concerning for most students. You can then run your special bridge classes for that topic. For example, trigonometry is an area of concern for many students. If you are a Maths expert, you can run online or offline ‘fundamentals of trigonometry’ classes. Similarly, try and find out where most kids need help in your subject of expertise and make money helping kids overcome learning gaps in their area of concern.


If you are someone who wants to enjoy your break and want to work at your pace during the breaks, you can try freelancing. You can offer to write blogs, do SEO work, and may try your hands at being a virtual assistant. The best part of freelancing is that you will have a flexible schedule so that you are not directed to manage your time by others’ considerations. The gig economy is huge, and there is a lot of work available. You have to just find out the right one for you. Try looking out on Linked In. There you will find some good freelancing jobs to make money.

Create and sell online courses

Online courses are a great way to boost your earnings this summer. Plan your course and create small modules for it, and then sell courses. You can cater to different needs. For people looking just for practice, you can create an assessment series. People are looking out for mind maps and notes. You can sell those as a part of your online course. You can even monetize your lesson plans by selling them out to other teachers.

If you are wondering how to create and sell your online course, you can take the help of Classplus. Classplus will not only help you in creating your course but also sell online courses from your own website. They will also help in managing and branding your online courses. With a customized app, you can record your videos, take live online classes, plan your lessons, create and post assignments, look out for leads and even manage student payments. An app that speaks of your brand and your expertise and helps you sell online courses from your own website.

Making money during your summer break is far easier than you think. You already have all the skills needed to do so. You just need a little bit of creativity and some effort. I am sure the quick and easy ideas to make money that was discussed in this post will help you in making the best use of your summer break.

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