5 Essential Tips When Choosing an Online Exam Software

The online exam market is booming, with a staggering number of providers vying for your attention. But as you can imagine, not all of these services are created equally — and some offer much more than others. Examinations are really getting more and more popular nowadays as students tend to prefer them over traditional methods of testing. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what software is best for your purposes. To create online exams, working on online exam software is the best option.

Different software solutions will be applicable to different types of exams. There are some who prefer the classroom atmosphere that comes with traditional exams, while others prefer the convenience of online exams. Thus, it would be best to purchase an exam software that will suit your needs and expectations in the best possible way.

What is Online Exam Software?

An online exam software helps you to take exams by giving you access to a computer that is equipped with the necessary hardware and software. These types of software are very convenient because they allow you to work from any computer that has an Internet connection. 

Many companies offer the option of paying monthly or yearly fees to use their system. This way, they can avoid having someone constantly sitting in front of a computer just so he or she can take their exams on time. 

Many online exam software companies also offer other services such as scoring and organizing online exams. All you need to do is sign up with them, connect your accounts, log in and start taking your exams right away.

While many companies provide their products on Internet, they may or may not have the best quality readily available. This is because instead of focusing on the process of developing software, they are concerned with advertising or creating a buzz about their products. These things may not be important for you but will most definitely affect your decision as far as choosing an online exam software is concerned.

5 Essential Tips When Choosing an Online Exam Software

  • 1. Reliability and accessibility

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending a long period of time configuring an exam, only to find out that the page has frozen or that you can no longer connect to the server. In addition, if you choose one of these services over another because a particular client is better able to deal with your specific disability, keep in mind that it’s possible they might not be able to help you. If your problem is completely unique, there’s nothing anyone can do.

  • 2. Technical support

Many companies offer free technical support during business hours (i.e., M-F 9-5). Although this is a great resource, keep in mind that most online exam providers are not set up to be used by people with disabilities. The companies may not be able to help you if you have reading or writing disabilities and elect to use their services as a result, or you might need additional assistance that they’re simply not equipped to provide. If this is the case, don’t worry — there are plenty of other options out there.

  • 3. Crunch time

It’s inevitable that at some point, your computer will have trouble handling the large amount of information running through it — particularly if it’s an older machine (which unfortunately is much more likely than a newer model). If you need to make a final or crucial decision, it’s a good idea to make the purchase before your computer freezes up.

  • 4. A good fit

You may be able to use a non-device-based solution, but if you’re on a mobile device (such as an iPad) or wish to move from one platform (e.g., from Windows to Mac or vice versa), you’ll want to take into account how easily this can be accomplished and ensure that your product will work well with your hardware.

  • 5. Compatibility

The number of options available in the online exam market is staggering, and you might find several products that work well for one individual but which aren’t compatible with another person’s system of choice.

Choosing the Right Exam Software for You

The first step in choosing the best online exam software for your needs is to identify all of your requirements. Most importantly, you should focus on:

  • Which operating systems do you want to support? Do you want your test to be compatible with all computer systems or just a few?
  • How many question types are required? This will likely determine what type of questions can be used in a given exam and also how many questions can be included.
  • What do you want your exam results to include? Scoring, feedback, reporting, and performance analytics are all things to consider.

Most online exam software packages work in a similar manner. They will provide you with a question database, which can include questions of multiple types that may be randomly selected for your test.

They will also provide you with the ability to correct test takers’ answers and mark their progress through the test. And they should allow you to format your questions — including the ability to create images — and add multimedia content such as sound and video clips for increased realism.

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