12 Available Tutoring Resources for All Teachers

If you’re a public school teacher, you already know that teaching can be one of the most challenging careers. But it doesn’t have to be. Teaching is a rewarding and worthy profession, regardless of whether you work in private or public education. For some teachers, the most difficult times come at the beginning of the school year when they’re trying to get up to speed with their curriculum and develop lesson plans. Not having a firm grasp on every single detail can be very stressful for new teachers. Here are some tutoring resources for students. 

For those who want to learn more about this fascinating career opportunity and make the most out of their teaching experience, we’ve compiled this list of available tutoring resources for every level. This article is the beginning of your journey toward a more fulfilling teaching career—and will help you make the transition from being an amateur educator to being a full-fledged professional.

12 Available Tutoring Resources for All Teachers

8 Available Tutoring Resources for All Teachers

1. Online Education Center

The Online Education Center (OEC), as the name suggests, provides teachers with access to articles on education. This information can come in handy during teacher preparation programs and serve as a valuable resource to supplement in-person training.

2. Teachbooks

One of the most extensive resources available to public school teachers, Teachbooks offers books on teaching, curriculum development, and learning theory. The site has more than 4,000 titles—ranging from elementary school to college prep—to help you along your teaching journey.

3. Teach Hub

The Teach Hub offers a rich amount of teaching resources—ranging from lesson plans to classroom management tips—to help teachers and prospective teachers alike. The site, which was launched in 2010, has over 1,000 articles on education, including advice for veteran teachers on how to succeed.

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4. TED Talks

If you’re looking for relevant ideas and information on just about anything related to education, check out the TED Talks series by TED. This site features videos that are 20 minutes or less in length and posts new content weekly. You can search the talks by topic or speaker name—and use the language-specific tabs for more information about specific regions around the globe.


If you’re a teacher, you’re probably familiar with the National Council on Teacher Education (NCTE) as part of your teacher training. The organization provides leadership for professional development for educators and publishes instruction materials for teachers to supplement their courses of study. They also offer teacher certification programs.

6. Teaching Blogger

The Teaching Blogger features articles from around the web—including from schools and teachers—that relate to education in some way. The site also has a community section where you can share links with others who are interested in education. And if you’re looking for more insight into public school teaching, check out our first-ever article on public school teachers’ salaries.

7. Teach Share Learn

Teach Share Learn is an online community of educators that offers a rich amount of resources for teachers to help them make the most out of their practice. The site features articles on education and also has a section for collaborators and professional development opportunities—and you can also find information about upcoming conferences in your area.

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8. Learning by Design

Learning by Design (LBD) is a free resource provided by the National Science Foundation that gives teachers the tools they need to design curricula at all levels regardless of their experience or training. The site helps faculty create instructional units and lessons, as well as build assessments around their ideas and incorporate technology into their lesson plans.\

9. Lynda.com

Lynda.com, a website for business and technology professionals, offers courses on subjects such as software design, video editing, and Photoshop techniques—all related to teaching. You can sign up for monthly or annual memberships to access all of the online courses. And if you’re looking for more information on just how much teachers make each year, check out our article on that topic!

10. What is the Education World

If you’re looking for another place to find information on public education, check out What in the Education World. The site offers a large database of articles about teaching and learning—with more than 400 articles featured on everything from keeping students engaged to planning class time. There’s also a blog on education topics and news, as well as an online store with plenty of useful teaching materials.

11. Teaching Today Magazine

Teaching Today is an online publication that covers education topics—including teaching methods and classroom strategies—and offers tips for teachers to make the most out of their careers. The site offers online content as well as print magazines that can be ordered through their site.

12. Teachscape

Teachscape is a free resource for educators that offers teaching tips, strategies, and information—and features user photos and videos to help you visualize different teaching techniques. You can search the database of teachers—who are rated based on reviews from students and parents—to connect with the teacher or school administrator who’s right for you. You can also search for courses to help supplement your training if you’re an educator just starting out or looking to add new skills to your repertoire.

The Final Word

When it comes to your teaching career, there are myriad resources available to you—both online and in person. There’s no shortage of resources for teachers, and the more time you put into finding the right ones, the better your chances of achieving all that you want from an educational career. If you are passionate about education and wish to start your online coaching business, Classplus is here to help. Get your app and reach out to the world with the new technologies.

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