10 Teaching Tips for Teachers to Follow Online & Offline Classes

Teaching and learning is a method to impart knowledge in terms of how to perform something and then understand it in the form of experience or expertise. In today’s modern world, teaching words is mainly associated with schools and schooling. The way teachers teach has been transformed over the last few decades.

In today’s scenario, the methodologies of teaching mainly vary in terms of:
  • Mode of teaching-Online/Offline
  • The nature of students – kids, Preschool, adolescents, & adults
  • The economic condition of students
  • Family background
  • Physical status of students: Normal/specially-abled.

So, it is time for you to decide which teaching tips you need to implement in your educational delivery style. Then, you can easily apply some of the most exciting and attractive teaching techniques to become a self-efficient & effective educator.

Let’s have a quick look at a few teaching tips for both online and offline teaching modes:-

Online Teaching and Learning Tips:
Understand the Nature of your Students

As a top teacher, you need to understand the general nature of your students, their talents, prior knowledge, and their requirements.

Your students can take a risk when you give them a safer environment

Whenever a student comes to college or school, they to better acknowledge things that they don’t know by taking risks & thinking about the same repeatedly. This might be uncomfortable or sometimes a scary situation for the students. A good teacher can build confidence among his students to deliver what they don’t know comfortably.

Keep your ideas simple and understandable 

One of the top class attributes of the best teacher is to showcase an ability to easily break down complicated ideas to help their students understand what is being delivered. This can be very effective for the students in the long run.

Not sacrificing credibility for a vulnerable practice

Any sign of ignorance or vulnerability can be seen as one of the major concerns for a teacher. Instead of losing your credibility, you should give try to practice gaining the trust of students.

Delivering what you are capable of but from the heart

Although there is no such formula as being a quality teacher, teaching is all about getting involved in the process of delivering what you are capable of without any hesitation. Also, giving teaching sessions from the heart can let you convey your message easily to the students.

Online Teaching and Learning Tips:

With the pandemic resulting in the shutting down of schools worldwide, this mode of delivering excellent quality education to millions has changed drastically. Online teaching also helped millions of students learn and gain knowledge. Therefore, it has become a crucial part of the educational system. 

It is better to record your lectures instead of streaming them

Not all the students are well versed with the required skills or knowledge to attend live sessions; sometimes, they miss your lecture. So, in this position to give the desired benefit to all the students, you should record your lecture without any streaming.

Keep your videos shorter

To give your students a good quality of learning in online classes, uploading videos of a duration of fewer than 15 minutes can be good enough. Otherwise, it would lead to distraction. You can upload 2-3 short videos for completing your online courses on a particular topic.

Test out slides

Always make sure to test your PowerPoint slides on your smartphone before playing them on the big screen so that you can fix all the errors in terms of font sizes, template designs, colors as well as screen ratios.

Provide interactive learning activities

Compared to Offline classes, online class learning is slightly different and includes varieties of functions to cop up for giving an interactive learning relationship You can deliver interactive learning activities like quizzes, doubt clearing sessions, puzzles, etc., with the assistance of your IT department.

Make use of Group communication with a careful approach 

While implementing group communication between the students, you need to follow the approach of not using this directly in your teaching. First, you need to set up “virtual-office-timings” with any video conferencing app and then you should log in to the scheduled time to join your students. Here, a perfect teaching approach should focus on delivering adequate social support & rectifying the problems that in particular need to be addressed on an immediate basis. Both teachers and students should gradually develop communication to take it to a productive level.

Final Note

Both online and offline teaching has their benefits; one needs to focus on closing and to associate with the latest tools & technologies to support each other’s strength so that students can get maximum knowledge with minimum effort from their side. Get in touch with Classplus and get your own app. Expand your online coaching business by reaching out to larger number of students across the country.

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