How To Find Online Teaching Jobs | A Detailed Guide

In this digital world where education enables students to attend school in the comfort of their homes, finding online teaching jobs is not that complicated for instructors. However, there are plenty of opportunities waiting on the Internet for teachers to find online teaching jobs. One can start their own teaching platform by getting their own app.

Compared to offline teaching, online teaching jobs have many benefits for teachers and help them transform their profession much more effectively. Let us explore more about how you can start your online teaching journey.

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Requirements To Become An Online Teacher

Once you decide to transform your teaching profession to the next level digitally, you might want to have some requirements before you start finding online teaching jobs. Let’s look at the requirements of teaching jobs one by one. 


If you are already working as a teacher offline, then you might have a degree in a specific subject. If you are new to teaching, ensure to have a teaching degree in a particular subject of your interest with good grades.


No matter how many years of experience a teacher has, almost every profession in this world requires people to upskill themselves. Stay consistent with upskilling yourself in your field, and their are few essential soft skills for teachers which helps you get plenty of opportunities in return. For example, you can find numerous online certification courses related to teaching, which may help you keep yourself updated on your skills. 

Master technological skills

In online teaching jobs, every teacher should have some knowledge of technology. Having basic knowledge of technology will help you start your online teaching without difficulties and run your online classes smoothly. 

Stay clear about your expectations

Finding online teaching jobs may appear challenging at first. However, if you are clear about your expectations, such as whom you want to teach, which subjects you want to handle, etc., you can get an appropriate opportunity that matches your interests and skills. Don’t go with opportunities that are irrelevant to your interests and skills to get employed online soon.

Build Connections

There are numerous websites and social media platforms like LinkedIn that help you in finding online teaching jobs. Try to have social connections with people in your profession and browse every day till you get the right one for you. 

Types of Online Teaching Jobs 

Since you have decided to teach online, you will have numerous options and choices to pick from. Let’s look at the types of online teaching jobs one by one. 

1. Online School Teacher 

After the pandemic, we all know that some educational institutions still prefer online or hybrid modes of education for their students. These opportunities will provide you with a great experience in teaching because you can work for a reputed educational institution without worrying about its location.

2. Online College or University Teacher 

Universities that are located abroad started to provide online education even before the pandemic. Nowadays, some colleges in India also provide online degree courses for students to pursue from their homes. If you have enough qualifications and skills along with the expected experience in your field, you can search for online teaching jobs in colleges or universities.

3. Freelancer or Course Developer 

If you have solid knowledge in your subject with which you can create a complete course by yourself, you can either freelance or create an online course and sell it on various educational platforms. Creating a course online and selling it requires patience, and you have to have some basic knowledge about digital marketing strategies to promote your courses. 

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4. Teaching Jobs in Corporations 

Nowadays, finding online teaching jobs is also possible in corporations. They require online courses and programs to train their new employees or experienced employees to upskill themselves. Such organizations require trainers to train their employees virtually. There are some institutions that provide training programs to corporate organizations. You can join such institutions online and teach employees from corporations. 

5. Lifestyle Teaching 

As we discussed, there are plenty of teaching opportunities available online. One such teaching job is lifestyle teaching. On platforms like Udemy and Coursera, you can find numerous courses that teach personal development, health, lifestyle, communication, etc. If you are an experienced professional in one of those topics, you can create a course on them and sell them to your audience. 

6. Online Tutoring Jobs 

Tutoring jobs are one of the flexible teaching jobs available online. Unlike full-time teaching, you can here pick your ideal time and subjects to tutor either one-on-one or to a group of students. Teachers who want a side hustle in teaching can go for these tutoring jobs since they provide good income and are flexible. 

7. Subject Matter Expert (SME) 

If you are an experienced teacher, you can try working as a Subject Matter Expert in online educational organizations. SMEs are expected to possess a deeper understanding of subjects to create curricula, examinations, and learning materials. Since SME is one of the decent income-generating and demanding jobs, experienced and skilled teachers can give it a shot. 

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8. Editor Job 

Editing jobs are the best for people who are good at language, grammar and vocabulary. If you are an experienced English or any other language teacher, you can work as an editor along with SMEs. In this job, editors are expected to keenly observe the study materials designed to spot errors and correct them before distributing them to students. 

9. Educational Blogging  

Blogging is one of the most flexible jobs that help you generate a reasonable income. If you are a teacher, you can write blogs or articles related to specific topics from your subject of expertise. You can either freelance or work on websites that pay you to post blogs that help students to expand their knowledge. 

10. Competitive Exams Coaching 

Nowadays, students are so determined to score well in competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, and more. If you are a teacher or someone who has already experience as a competitive exam trainer, you can either create your own engaging content on educational platforms or work under institutions that provide online coaching for exams. 

Best Sites To Find Teaching Jobs 

The Internet has immense opportunities for every profession in this world. Likewise, teachers can also look for the right job through various websites. Let’s look at them. is a great website to apply for teaching jobs that let you schedule your sessions according to your convenience. You just have to fill out the application form and select the subject you are interested in teaching. If you clear the interview conducted by them, you can work as a tutor for them. 


TutorVista is one of the famous tutoring websites that provides teaching jobs in India and abroad. The registration process is the same, filling out the form and attending the interview. They also provide training programs to upskill yourself. 


Chegg is one of the most popular and reliable platforms that helps students to expand their knowledge. To become a Chegg expert, fill up the registration details and clear an online test. Your documents will be verified by them. On this website, you can earn money by answering the questions posted by students, and based on the number of questions you have answered correctly, you will be paid.


TutorME is a teaching website that requires teachers who have prior experience in teaching and who graduated from an accredited university. The registration process is simple, and you just have to fill out the application. If they are interested in your profile, you can then start your teaching journey at TutorME.


If you are a teacher who teaches any language, you are good to apply on Preply. Preply is a language tutoring website that provides reasonable pay for tutors. To become a tutor at Preply, sign up and fill out the details, give your basic information, and provide a short description. They expect you to record a short introduction video of yourself. Once the verification is completed, you are ready to teach your students. 

Final Thoughts

Finding a teaching job online is easier when you have the right preparations for it. All you need is a teaching degree and the right way to upskill yourself. Since there are so many opportunities available online, you need to choose the right one for you and upskill yourself in the right way. 

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How To Find Online Teaching Jobs | A Detailed Guide FAQs

Q1. Which site is best for online teaching jobs?

A1. The seven best sites for searching for online teaching jobs are:
– Vedantu 
– TutorVista 
– Chegg 
– TutorME 
– Preply 
– Unacademy
– Testbook

Q2. How can I earn teaching online?

A2. To find an online teaching job, you need to be qualified in the teaching field. With some teaching experience in your hand, you can apply on various websites to get a teaching job online. 

Q3. What jobs can a teacher do from home?

A3. If you are a teacher looking for online jobs, you can find opportunities in the following jobs.
– Online school teacher
– Online college teacher
– Educational blogger
– Curriculum developer
– Subject matter expert
– Online tutor
– Editor 

Q4. How can I find Students to teach online?

A4. In order to find students online, you can create a shoutout profile, focusing on the quality of content rather than quantity. Focus on your target audience and market yourself properly. 

Q5. Can online teaching be a full-time job?

A5. Yes, online teaching can be a full-time job. You can become a full-time English teacher, but for this, you will need to be open-minded, invest time, gain more experience as an English teacher, and put effort into building your online teaching business.