Motivating School Activities For The Last Days Of School

The countdown is almost here. You may be thinking about what to do with your students during the last few days of school. If you are looking to motivate your students, keep reading!

School is coming to an end, and while many kids may be sad about leaving their teachers and classmates, there are plenty of fun activities to keep them busy. From making a scrapbook to decorating a cake, here are some ideas for fun activities to help your students remember the best moments of the school year.

Motivating School Activities For The Last Days Of School

Motivating School Activities For The Last Days Of School

A Compilation Of School Memories

Students will love looking back at all the fun activities they participated in during the school year. To help students remember all those fun moments, teachers can make an A to Z compilation of school year memories. Each letter of the alphabet represents an activity that happened throughout the year. Students can draw pictures and write about what they learned or did during the school year. There is a free printable template so you can easily create your own version of this memory book.

Pass The Cup

Pick up a pack of paper cups and pass them around. Each student will write something nice about another student on the cup. When everyone has written something nice, pass the cup back to the first student. She’ll add her own message to the cup and pass it back to the next student. Keep going until all students have had a chance to say something nice about someone else. At the end of the game, you’ll have a collection of unique messages that were written on paper cups during the last week of school.

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Sign A T-Shirt

A personalized tee shirt with room for students to sign autographs as a fun last-day activity. Students can choose what message they want to write on the t-shirt. Or, you can just have them bring a plain t-shirt from home. Provide fabric markers and allow students to write messages and sign their names.

Make Ice Cream

There are many ways to get your students excited about science. Here are two ideas for using ice cream in the classroom. 

First, you could create an ice cream party. Kids will love making their own ice cream and seeing what flavors they come up with. 

Second, you could give them the opportunity to explore the properties of ice cream. You could ask them to measure the temperature of different types of ice cream and see if there is any difference between regular ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Give A Toast

Students will love making speeches about themselves and their classmates. You could also ask them to write an essay about what they learned during the school year. Or, if you want it, you could even ask students to create a video presentation about their favorite subject!

Set Up A Photo Booth

Photo booths aren’t just for the first day of class anymore! A photo booth is a great way to celebrate any occasion. Kids love them because they let you create fun photos with your friends. A photo booth will help students create lasting memories. 

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Make A Bucket List

Kids need choices. Give them plenty of opportunities to explore what interests them. Then, let them choose their own bucket list for the upcoming years. Encourage them to think about other ways to give back or learn something new too!

Paper Bags And Small Items

This is such a great idea. In the days moving up to the final day, kids give some thought to what symbolizes this past school year to them and place them in a labeled paper bag. On the final day, they’ll give the other students a small token of that symbol and explain their thinking.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are fun, interactive games designed to challenge your problem-solving skills and test your ability to think creatively. They are perfect for kids to enjoy together. You can create an escape room themed around anything you like – whether it’s a favorite topic, a class project, or even a holiday.

Throw A Dance Party

Students at school are always excited about the end of the year. You could organize a dance party where everyone gets dressed up and dances around together. Everyone could bring a favorite song to play during the party. Or maybe teachers could help them choreograph their dance moves for the song.

Round-Up Worksheets

This end-of-year round-up worksheet should be designed to help students reflect on what they learned throughout the year. You could also use it at the beginning of the school year to get everyone thinking about what they want to accomplish in the coming months. Just print out the page, cut around the photos, and laminate them. Then, give each student a copy of the sheet and ask them to write down three things they accomplished during the year. Afterward, have them put their photos back on the sheets and share their reflections with the class.

Final Thoughts

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