How to start PT classes online?

Gone are the days when PT classes were taken only offline, and we used to think about how it is possible in online classes. But things have changed now and online has become a new normal for every practice of life. Physical training is becoming very common in virtual mode like other education classes. People are more comfortable taking these classes by sitting at home. People are avoiding travel and protecting themselves from the rush. To start PT classes online does not require any setup. It is just a trained teacher and a mode to connect with students.

PT Classes Online

PT training is available for the members who wish to reach their fitness objectives even from home with individualized support via personal training. By doing this, you can ensure that your present customers use your services more effectively.

Know how you can start PT classes online

Live to stream

  • You’ll attend real-time classes. As you connect with your students as the lesson progresses, this will be an excellent approach to inspire your students.
  • You exercise as a group, exactly like in the real-time classes. When your members exercise with others, they will feel closer to one another. You can request that they turn on their cameras so you can see how they are doing. You may adjust their postures in real-time and motivate them to keep moving.
  • Nothing would require editing. Because of this, live streaming is a fantastic choice for those who want to save time and aren’t experts in editing!
  • Make a clear timetable for your members. When they have to show up for the session at a specific time of the day, your members are less inclined to procrastinate.

Recordings of workouts for PT classes

  • Pre-recorded exercises provide a lot of flexibility to your students. Your subscribers won’t be constrained by a timetable you’ve established and can stream the workouts whenever convenient for them.
  • They work well for instruction. Not everyone would be able to master a specific exercise and could require further guidance. They would benefit much from pre-recorded films, and you wouldn’t have to repeat the exercises.
  • No errors and an improved display. Your workout videos won’t have any room for mistakes because pre-recorded workouts provide you the freedom to edit at a later date.

Here’s how you can set up to start PT classes online

Start small

This is the crucial point to keep in mind when you first start. Start small and upgrade to more elaborate lighting and cameras as your online fitness business develops. Don’t start by buying the best of the best equipment!

During COVID-19, many trainers and fitness professionals launched their web businesses using a lean strategy, which they then steadily expanded. The same model can be used to improvise when you’re out and about.

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To broadcast exercises, you need a reliable camera of high quality. However, you should consider alternatives and pick the camera that best suits you before making a snap election. Ideally, you should choose a camera that can capture HD films of the highest caliber.

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Depending on your budget and recording requirements, you can browse a variety of possibilities.


Having separate lighting equipment might not be necessary if you’re recording in a space with abundant ambient lighting. However, having a piece of lighting equipment helps eliminate any dark areas and balance out the room’s general brightness.


If you want your audience to grasp what you say clearly, your directions must be clear and loud. Providing money is tight, you can simply record videos on your laptop using the built-in microphone if there is no background noise or other disturbance.

However, since your PT training sessions may require you to move around, you should choose a wireless microphone or a reasonably priced USB microphone if you need sound support. 


You don’t need to break the bank on any expensive professional editing software because there is a tonne of free editing tools online that you can use for editing videos in PT training classes.

Two editing programs that are great for beginners who aren’t looking for professional options are Openshot and VSDC. On the other hand, Lightworks includes sophisticated capabilities that you can master with the help of their in-depth lesson videos.

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Blender, Shotcut, and Filmora are a few high-end alternatives with various features you might want to consider. These editing programs contain potent features like inserting photos, audio, movies, and 3D animation.


Starting PT classes online requires extensive planning, multiplied when rewriting your service for a different platform. You wouldn’t miss a thing if you planned ahead. 

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