How To Get Started In A Teaching Career?

Teachers are like the gardener who helps to bloom those little buds – the students, through care, nourishment, and knowledge. They help the students grow, develop their skills, and prepare themselves for future life. Teaching is a profession that makes a difference in society by shaping forthcoming generations’ personalities, characters, and viewpoints if you have patience, and engaging personality, thorough subjective knowledge, and excellent communication skills, then a teaching career is one of the best careers options for you.

Types of Jobs for Teachers

In India, candidates who want to become teachers have to complete graduation or post-graduation with a compulsory B.Ed degree. At every level of the teaching profession, different qualifications, abilities, and skills are required. Let’s discuss the different levels of teaching paths in detail:

Pre-Primary School Teachers

Pre-primary school teachers play a vital role in the little one’s life as they are the first persons after parents. These teachers deal with students ages between 3 to 5 years. They are the first known contacts of the children when they step out of home and stay at school without their parents. They help the kids learn about fundamental concepts that work as a base for the rest of their education journey. They introduce the kids to the alphabet, numbers, moral values like what is right and wrong, expressions, and communication through storytelling, coloring, singing, painting, and other exciting ways.  It can be a great teaching career option.

Primary School Teachers

Primary school teachers deal with children from 6 to 12 years, another critical phase of childhood. A primary school teacher makes students understand the new things in life, shape their views, and build cognitive, numerical, verbal, and reasoning skills. They do not teach one of two specialized subjects but introduce kids to grammar, computer, language and personal development, quizzes, and social skills. They teach basic concepts well enough to adjust to the complex education that will come in the next phase of the life of the students. Primary school teachers build up the students’ foundation, which stays with them for their whole life.

Secondary School Teachers

Secondary School Teachers are also known as Trained Graduate Teachers who instruct from class 6th to class 10th students. In secondary school, teachers enhance the students’ knowledge and help them develop greater depth in terms of learning all the subjects. This is a delicate time for the children as they are growing up and are about to be teens, or some are freshly teens. Teachers have a crucial role to play here. They not only teach subjects like mathematics, social sciences, and language but also teach time management and appropriate behavior. Valid criticism and feedback by the teacher support their upbringing and new changes in life. 

Senior Secondary School Teachers

Senior Secondary School Teachers are generally called Post-Graduate Teachers responsible for teaching students in-depth on the particular subject they have completed their Master’s Degree. The duties of the senior secondary teachers are quite different from the secondary school teachers, though it is a part of the same school in most cases:

  • Teachers have to give lectures and discuss the core concept of the subject in detail. 
  • Prepare class notes and presentations in digital as well as a manual process
  • Arrange different workshops and seminars for the students. 
  • Talk and provide feedback about the students to their parents.

Special Educators

As a special teacher in special schools, you have to deal with physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged children who have various learning disabilities. You have to be more patient, compassionate, and positive. Special teachers need to communicate more with the families of those students to achieve the best outcome of education for them. The foremost responsibilities of the exceptional teachers towards their students are:

  • Teaching them essential life and social skills to conduct a normal lifestyle
  • Make them understand and aware of the academic concept through various practical experiments
  • Operate one to one session with the students to understand the challenges and growth of the particular student

College Lecturers or Professors

Lecturers of a college university are designated as Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, or Professors. As a lecturer, you have to give lectures and conduct discussions on assigned topics, perform academic research, and administer students in doing their research work. 

Eligibility for the Teaching Profession

To become a teacher, you must have relevant degrees and certifications. The essential qualification to become a teacher is graduation and post-graduation with a B.Ed degree and later an M.Ed degree. Other than that, a teacher needs the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Students who want to become teachers have to sit for various National Level and State Level eating Entrance Exams like CTET, STET, SET, TET, etc., to be able to teach in multiple Government schools. 
  • A Diploma in Elementary education, also known as (D.EL.ED), is a training course for students who want to teach in elementary schools. 
  • Bachelor in Physical Education (B.P.ED) is an undergraduate training course for three years that mainly focuses on Physical Education. 
  • Some of the advanced techniques are M.Phil and Assistant Professor courses, which are needed to get admission in Ph.D. and teach as professors. 

The Final Word

A teacher is like a candle that devours to enlighten the students’ path for many generations. A teacher is a parent, guide, influencer, and role model in the student’s life. Nowadays, teaching has become global through internet access. But the teachers can carry on their responsibilities through different platforms like Classplus, where they can create their classroom environment virtually and successfully conduct classes and communicate with the students from any part of the world. Teaching and connecting have never been so easy. With your own app you can manage all your works at one place.

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