How To Be A Chess Coach Online: Teach Students Online In 5 Ways


Chess is a very organized game, and chess coaches must organize their time more efficiently. Therefore, an online coach can teach a group of students in a controlled environment with minimal disruption.

Chess is one of the most challenging and frustrating games on Earth. It’s a board game played by two people with 16 different pieces in the battle for control over the central square called the “chessboard.” For nearly three thousand years, chess has been a part of human culture and will be around for centuries. However, chess can also be incredibly tedious because it requires intense concentration to see 10 or more moves ahead before making even one move.

The truth is that chess can be an excellent tool for teaching students several valuable life lessons. The next time you get the opportunity to coach your child’s chess club, consider these five ways you can teach students online with this unique board game.

Who is an Online Chess Coach

An online chess coach is simply a person who leads students through chess lessons from the comfort of their own home or office. Usually, an online coach will have a private website that includes the lesson plans and activities to help students improve.

An online coach can use chess as a tool for improving motor skills and coordination of hand-eye coordination. Teaching someone how to play chess is extremely difficult, and it takes a great deal of patience on your part; however, if you can teach them all the different rules and moves of this complex game, they’ll be able to improve their memory recall and multi-tasking abilities.

Chess Teaches Patience

Chess requires that players use their brains in an entirely different way than they might normally. This is because it teaches thinkers to carefully plan their movements and only make one move at a time. 

This is an essential lesson in life because it helps individuals avoid rash and poor decisions made out of impatience. For example, to succeed at chess, players must also have the complete concentration to see as many moves in advance as possible.

Chess Teaches Logical Thinking

It’s one thing to be able to multi-task. Still, it’s entirely different to form a logical argument and use your critical thinking to see all potential outcomes of a situation before making a decision, but that’s precisely what chess does.

For instance, chess players must know what their opponent can do and think about the moves they may make in the future before making even the first move. Likewise, players must get into the mind of their opponents and search for weaknesses. 

Chess Teaches Students Patience

As a chess coach, you can teach students online about patience when it comes to learning how to play the game by taking your time and making sure that you explain every move thoroughly…no matter how long it takes. 

This is an important life lesson because patience will help your students avoid potential mistakes and give them the time they need to learn new concepts and tasks. It’s also good for them to see that something worth having will require time, effort, and patience before they can enjoy its benefits.

Chess Teaches Cooperation

The reality is that there are few games on the planet where two players have to rely on one another to succeed. For example, two players must learn how to work together to outsmart their opponents to win a chess game.

However, this skill rarely comes naturally to students these days. Most of them have grown up in a world where they have been ingrained with the idea that “every man for himself” is just how things are done. Hence, it’s your responsibility as a chess coach to teach students the lesson of cooperation and allow them to learn how to work together toward their goals.

Teaches Life Lessons

Chess is an intricate game, and the strategies that generate from it can be refreshingly challenging. It is a game that requires the individual to win by taking all factors into account. This is an essential lesson for students to learn and will give them the tools they need to succeed in life.

Whether you’re coaching chess online or in person, there’s no denying that it’s a great way to teach students valuable life lessons and skills. However, you might be surprised just how much you can do when you take the time to understand what this game truly offers.


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Chess can be a gratifying game for students, mainly because it requires students to be patient and think logically. As a coach, you will be able to guide your student from the beginning of their chess career until they complete their high school education – sometimes even beyond that. 

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